In the Beginning

December 2009

I was so excited to finally get a group of friends together to spend a night laughing and crafting. This was a serious dream I had hoped to fulfill a few years earlier, but just never gave it a try.

I took the day off from work to make sure everything was just so! As you can see from the photo, our project was making Gingerbread Man aprons, and since I wasn’t sure of everyone’s crafting level, these were easy-to-make kits I had ordered online.

I had each place-setting arranged with a complete kit, including glue and ribbon, and then inside each of the apron pockets was a large Gingerbread Man cookie I had made that afternoon.

This was December 2009, and we’ve been meeting, laughing,teasing, lifting, mothering, sistering, crafting, and did I mention lifting? once a month ever since.

Some of the faces have changed during our seven years together, but the focus remains the same – to have fun and get’er done.

As you scroll through the posts, I hope you enjoy our enjoyment and maybe even drop us a line or two. Feel free to share your ideas, tips and knowledge with us.

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