Whimsical Paper Tree

December 2012

My mother always played a huge role in preparations for any time I had folks over for dinner, had parties, hosted Craft Night, etc. She was the reason for what was my very driven life (up until her passing). She really enjoyed getting into things and I, most of all, was honored that she wanted to do it. Simply put, I enjoyed her enjoyment.

I lost my mother in September 2012. She was my best friend, my mentor, my elevator, my heart. And I was and remain lost without her. During the months following her passing, my Crafting Sistas supported me with their own love and kindness and still today know and understand what her passing did to me — they are the best Sistas any woman could ever have.

Here’s a link to my personal blog about my mother and the things she taught me. I hope you’ll read it and leave me a note or two.  http://alwaysonmymindforeverinmyheart.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-reason.html

I  normally host December’s Craft Night, but this year I wasn’t sure I was really up to it. And then I got off my hiney and spent a Saturday morning at a small, local craft show where I eyes fell upon a paper Christmas tree that was much like one I had made as a child in Brownies, in the troop led by my mother. That’s when I knew she was speaking to me and that I would go ahead and host our monthly craft-therapy session.


You will need 12″X 12″ white cardstock (50-years ago we used a styrofoam cone), scotch tape (we used straight pins) and about 30 cupcake papers. Today you can buy them in every color of the rainbow and every fun pattern you can imagine, but 50-years ago they only came in white or pastel pink, yellow and green (hence the need to spray paint the finished product). You might want some ribbon and some self-sticking rhinestones.

After you’ve gathered your supplies, you’ll form the cardstock into the shape of a cone and tape it together so it will hold its shape. And then you’ll cut through the cupcake papers and cut out the bottoms (as shown). All you’re going to use are the cute little ruffles.


Then begin taping the cupcake papers to the cone starting at the largest end (which will be the bottom of your Christmas tree). In olden days, we used straight-pins and pinned the papers to the stryrofoam cone (apparently there was no concern about swallowing pins or sticking each other with them). Don’t worry, the tape will not show.

Continue doing this until you get close to the top. Then, using one of the bottoms of the cupcake papers that you’ve cut off, cover the top of the cardstock cone and tape it down securely. Continue taping the paper ruffles to the cone, until you reach the top.

Basically, you’ve just made the cutest little Cupcake Paper Christmas Tree in all the land. Now imagine this same project 50 some years ago, using the pale yellow, green and pink papers. We spray painted them green and added some red and gold glitter to some of the rows of ruffles. Add a bow to the top of your tree and some bling using self-sticking rhinestones and you now have a completed project.

I’m so glad I dragged myself out of the house that day and went to the craft show. It took me on a very happy trip down memory lane.

My Crafting Sistas Dec. 2012


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