Scraps of Love

January 2013

The project featured here was not made during one of our monthly Craft Nights. I happened to mention to a friend that I was finally going have to start going through some of Mother’s things and she suggested that I make a quilt from Mom’s clothes. Wow, what a great idea. So I sprang (is that a word) into action.

Many of the clothes my mother wore were T-shirt fabric and some were silky, so after I cut them all into the same size squares, I applied the iron-on backing for stability. I laid them all out on my large dining room table to see what kind of pattern I’d like to form, and then began sewing them together in strips. Once the strips were made, I sewed all of them together.

I used Mom’s old lap blanket as the backing for the entire quilt, sewed on some blanket edging, then attached a variety of her buttons at each intersection, and it was completed. Because this was a project that I was completely focused on, I completed in it three evenings after work.

I love this sentimental reminder of my mother and her life with us. It sits over what was her recliner that is now in my studio. I wrap up in it on those nights that I just want to sit in solitude. Mom loved to go camping with us, so as you can see from the photo below, I also take it on our camping trips. (PS – The M in the photo is for my husband’s name, Mel)


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