The First Noel

December 2013

Craft Night was hosted by Pat this year, and the supplies for the project were supplied by me. I had seen a display similar to what we made in a catalog, but it wasn’t something that was listed as a sale item, so I took a close look and came up with a way to create our own.


Grapevine wreath, ribbon, scrap wood, the letter E, some old frames, paint, scrapbooking paper, glue, paper mache star, scissors and your own creativity.

Using thin slices of wood like you might see on a lattice, we glued three pieces together to form the letter N.

I live in a neighborhood that is being taken over by Florida grapevine, so each evening while walking my dog, I’d grab some off a tree and quickly make a wreath for the letter O.

The letter E was a wooden, store bought letter.

And the L was an old frame broken in half.

Each of the Sistas painted or covered her letters in scrapbooking paper, and then painted her star. Some of the Sistas added bows to their grapevine O and others added some bling. From the looks of the photo, they might need to learn how to spell. 🙂


One of the best parts about Crafting Sistas night in December is our annual Cookie Exchange. This isn’t your mother’s cookie exchange party. Each of the Sistas “presents” her cookies with either a story, poem or song and in a way that would make ‘Martha’ proud. Here’s a mosaic of a few of the presentations.

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