Pillowcase Snowman

December 2012

The snowman is another simple craft, which can be made by children and adults.


one white pillow case, Santa or snowman hat, black felt cut into circles for the mouth and eyes or black buttons, orange felt cut into shape of cone and filled with stuffing, string, a scarf, white glue or a glue gun and stuffing.

Fill the pillowcase with polyester stuffing and tie it off at the top with string. Then tie it off about 9-inches down from the top to form the head.

I used felt for both the nose and the eyes, but black buttons can also be used. I glued the felt circles into place forming the shape of the mouth and the eyes using white glue, but some of the Sistas used a glue gun.

The nose was formed by gluing two long triangular shaped pieces of orange felt together around the edges, leaving the bottom edge open for stuffing. Fill the carrot-looking nose with polyester stuffing and then glue in place.

Tie a scarf around his neck, and put a hat on his head and you now have a completed project that literally only takes moments to complete. Cute, right?

My Crafting Sistas Dec. 2012


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