Toilet Paper Pumpkins ??

August 9, 2016

Yes, you read it right. Whimsical pumpkins made so quickly and easily that a child can do it.

No sew, no glue, crafting fun for the entire family.



Full rolls of toilet paper, fat quarters or any 18-inch square of scrap fabric to cover the roll of toilet paper, green, brown or orange felt or brown paper bags for the stems, silk leaves or leaves cut from felt, and pinking sheers

Lay out the fabric, wrong side up, and place the roll of toilet paper in the middle of the fabric. Then begin drawing up the fabric and tucking it into the paper roll.

Once all of the fabric is tucked in, add the stem. You can cut a strip of felt about 1.5-inches wide by about 6-inches long, fold it in half and tuck it in to the roll – or – you can crunch up a brown lunch bag, fold it in half and tuck it in to the roll. Then, if you’d like, tuck in a silk leaf or one that you’ve cut from the felt.

The whole family can get in on the fun and you’ve just made yourself a Pumpkin Patch. Use them as place settings for Thanksgiving gatherings and let your guests take them home. Or, at the end of the fall season, unwrap them and put the rolls of toilet paper back in your closet.

You can’t beat a crafting project that’s easy enough for the whole family to enjoy and it only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.

toilet pumpkins



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