Halloween Centerpiece

It’s raining here today, and I’ve had a bunch of Halloween flower arranging supplies sitting in a bag for a few weeks – so, there’s no time like the present.

I’m  no floral designer, but I was in the mood for something new to put on my dining room table during October. I wanted something a little dark, but also whimsical, and decided to put together a floral centerpiece.



Pardon my mess. My work space is currently in my kitchen.

container, variety of silks or other artificial florals, witch’s legs, curlies, moss (see note below), ribbon, dry foam, knife, scissors, wire cutters, glue gun and wire

I bought most of my supplies at www.Michaels.com  My total cost for this project was $45 and it took about 45-minutes to complete.

Note – I make my own moss that I pull down from our oak trees, then put into a plastic zip lock bag and microwave on high for about 30 seconds. That kills anything that might be living in the moss. But you can buy yours at any craft supply store.

I started off by taking my serrated knife to the dry foam and cutting it to fit my round container. Keep in mind, that you often have to cut several pieces of foam in order to get coverage inside your container. It all depends upon its shape. Using my glue gun, I secured the foam to the inside of the container. Then I laid moss around the outside edge of the container.

Some arrangers work from the middle of the container to the outside. I work from the outside in. So, my next step was to begin inserting the lower, outside leaves. I thought it would be interesting to use orange fall colors mixed with black. And that is the order in which I inserted the stems. I put a little glue from the gun on the tip, then inserted each stem into the foam.

Moving about an inch deeper towards the center, I then inserted the black and silver stems of leaves that were a little taller, building to the center height. Again,  I put a little glue from the gun on the tip, then inserted each stem into the foam. I think they give the illusion of big spiders crawling up the piece. Don’t you?


Now it’s time for the finishing touches. Using a dab of hot glue, I inserted the striped curlies just to the back of the center of the container. They were about 6-inches too long, so I cut the bottom of the stem down with my wire cutters. Then I added the witch’s legs just in front of the striped curlies. They were also too long, so from the bottom of the stem I cut off about 6-inches. Between the legs and the curlies, I inserted the black, glittery,wavy stems. Then I added a bow,  because in my opinion, everything looks better with a bow attached, and called it “Done.” (Sometimes the hardest part is knowing when to stop.)



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