Tomato Cage Fall Topiary

I was looking around on for some new-to-me ideas when I came across a blog by Gina from Texas and she had made topiaries using pine garland and tomato cages. Here’s a link to her blog:

Her’s are super cute, and I may just make one for my front porch for the Christmas holiday. But, right now, I wanted something for fall and decided to change up her idea just a little by making a topiary using fall garland.



2 tomato cages (these are 42-inches), flower pot that is same width as bottom of cage, lights, tinsel garland, leaf garland, wire and wire clippers

Note: This project cost me $50 for the cages and garlands, plus the lights and the flower pot, which I already had. The cages were $2.88 each at Lowe’s, the tinsel garlands were $6.99 each and the leaf garland was $9.99 each at A.C. Moore. It took about an hour to complete. The 42-inch cage will take four tinsel garlands and two leaf garlands, and you will need two sets of lights. If you use smaller cages, of course, you will use fewer strands of garland.

First I put two cages together by putting one inside the other. I moved them around until they were lined up as shown above. Then I brought the six end pieces together at the top to form a point or the top of a tree, and tightly wired them together.

I began adding the lights, from the top down, attaching the lights using a small piece of wire to wrap around the wiring of the cage. Once the lights were attached, I began adding the tinsel garland, also from the top down, until the entire cage was full.

You can definitely save on garland if you don’t mind being able to see through the tree. I wanted mine full, so my garland is wound around the cage quite close together.

The next step was to add the leaf garland. From the top down, I added the leaves in a spiral, being careful to space the leaf garland out enough to still be able to see the tinsel garland, as well as the lights.

If you take all of the lights and garlands all the way down to the bottom of the cage, you won’t necessarily need a flower pot to put the tree in to. It stands on it’s own.

Have fun with and make it your own. Add small plastic pumpkins, or instead of using the orange tinsel garland, use the black garland that’s at the craft stores right now and make it more Halloweenie. Add a skull at the top. Wow!

I left some space at the bottom of mine, because I knew I wanted to place it in the red pot shown above to give it additional height and pop at my front door. But until fall gets a little closer, it will hold a special place in my living room.







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