Fall Wreath or Frame

This is an old idea that’s been done over and over, but in light of the fact that I’m getting ready for fall in this hot Florida climate, it deserves a timely revisit.



Old picture frame, supply of silk leaves, ribbon, scissors, needle nose pliers, and hot glue gun. Optional — embellishments such as berries, pumpkins, etc.

Note: All of the supplies I used are things  already had, but if you have to buy them, it should run in the range of about $10-$15. This time of year, inexpensive fall leaf garland can be purchased at any dollar store, along with the frame. The project took about an hour to complete.

To make a wreath, you will remove the glass, using only the frame. Then, using the needled nose pliers, remove the metal tabs from the back of the frame. After applying a small dab of hot glue to the back of the silk leaves, begin attaching them to the frame.

Continue attaching the leaves until you have surrounded the entire frame with silk leaves. Embellish your project with berries, small pumpkins, etc.

Then attach a bow and your wreath is completed.

But you can also use this as a frame for a seasonal family photo, if you don’t want a new wreath. Simply skip the step where you remove the metal tabs from the back of the frame. Attach as many leaves and embellishments as you’d like and then reassemble the frame with your prized family photo displayed inside.







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