Patchwork Pumpkin Envelope Pillow

A few days ago I posted a pumpkin pillow idea I had crafted after reading a quilting blog.

I don’t quilt, but my daughter-in-law does, and she whips them up faster than you can say Broderie Perse. And her work is gorgeous, with an incredible eye for color.

So, this is my homage to my daughter-in-law. I really cheated on this tiny effort at quilting, but it’s the thought (and how cute it is) that counts.




a variety of scraps of orange fabric, a small piece of brown fabric for stem, a small piece of green fabric for leaves, HeatnBond double sided webbing, 12-inch pillow form, 13.5-inch by 34-inch fabric for the pillow envelope or ready made pillow cover, scissors, and iron 


  1. This project can be applied to a ready made pillow cover, available at most craft stores, Target, Etsy, etc. They run from $10-$15 each. Pillow forms are available at all craft stores, but at Walmart, the 12×12 size is only $5.13.
  2. HeatnBond is a double sided adhesive that allows you to complete the project by ironing on the appliques. HeatnBond is $7.99 for three 9×12 sheets in a package – or – you can buy it by the yard at any fabric store for about $2.99.
  3. Depending upon the size of the pillow you want to make, you may need for fabric.

My total cost for this pillow was less than $10, because I had fabric scrapes and only needed a pillow form. It took me about two-hours to complete.

Begin by cutting 20 two-inch squares out of the orange fabric scraps. Then lay them out until you are happy with your design.


Using a hot iron, attach the HeatnBond to the wrong side of the brown and green fabric scraps. These will be used for the stem and leaves. Do not remove the paper backing. On the paper backing side, draw your leaves and stem, then cut them out.

To find the center of what will be the front of the pillow envelope, fold the 13.5 x 34-inch pillow fabric in half ( so that now it is 13.5 x 17-inches). Mark that fold with a pin, as that will be the center of the front of your pillow. On a flat surface, from that center mark, measure out 6-inches in both directions and that will be the full front of your pillow. Peel off the paper and, as shown above, lay out the pumpkin, stem, and leaves in the center.. Iron in place. Be sure to apply enough heat to make the adhesive stick firmly to the pillow fabric, but not so much that you burn it.

I like the look of outside hand stitching, so I took a little extra time to do a hand running stitch all the way around the four pieces of the applique.


Pillow Envelope:

Lay the fabric face-up on a flat service. I use my ironing board as my flat service, which is why I’m always buying new ironing board covers. The pumpkin applique should be facing you. Now bring up one hemmed end of the long strip of fabric, then bring up the other end and over lap about  6-7 inches, right sides together — as shown above. Pin together.


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