Fall Garland and Bow Making

I usually nail down some cheap fall leaves garland to the railing on my front porch at the start of fall. Living in Florida, it’s the closest I’ll get to seeing the colors of my favorite season. But it works.

I wanted to take it up a notch this year and use some mesh to make the garland bulkier. I found some burlap mesh at my local AC Moore craft store that I fell in love with. I also fell in love with some plaid ribbon that I ended up not using on this project, but I’m sure it will find a home somewhere, sooner or later.



I needed at least 15-feet of garland, so I bought 2 leaf garlands at $6.99 each, the mesh was $4.99, and the ribbon was $4.99 for 25-feet. (That ended up not being enough ribbon, so I used some that I already had.) You’ll also need wire, wire-clippers and scissors.

Beginning at one end of the garland, form a loop with the mesh, then squeeze it together to wire around the garland near the end, forming a nice poof.


This first loop was about 9-inches of mesh pulled together. Continue making what I call continuous poofs by pulling out about 9 to 10-inches of mesh and wire it to the garland about 6-inches apart. Of course, you can make your poofs larger. In fact, if you’re using pine garland at Christmas time, you’ll want to make larger poofs that are more easily seen.

After you have all the poofs you want on your garland, pull up a loop of mesh at the end and wire it in place.

To be honest, the garland at this point is beautiful and really needs nothing else. The mesh adds to the leaf garland, doesn’t it?

But I still wanted more. I was going to add plaid bows at each place where the mesh is wired to the garland, because I didn’t like to see the wire. But the spool of ribbon only had 25-feet on it and I was going to need 24 bows. (Each takes about a yard.)

I remembered I had a large spool of golden, glittery ribbon that would be great. And it’s a little whimsical, too.

Here’s how to make the perfect bow:

Pull up one loop of ribbon upwards, then pull one loop of ribbon downward, pinching all of it between your thumb and forefinger.

Now, repeat that same step, forming two more ribbon loops.

My bows for this project all have four loops and a center loop, but you can make yours as big or small as you choose.

For the center loop, take the ribbon and wrap it towards your body, forming the center loop and being careful t continue to pinch the ribbon between your thumb and forefinger. Then cut a piece of floral wire long enough to wrap around the inside of the center loop and where you were pinching it all together. You will become famous for your bows if you use this method.

Then wire the bow to the garland at the points where the mesh is wired to the leaf garland.


Isn’t it pretty? Okay, now I need to make my second one.

I have a very busy Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but I’m hoping to accomplish my fall decorating this Sunday. I hope you’ll come back and take a peek at what I do.

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