Florida in the Fall

It’s Florida, where most folks are celebrating Sunday and the soon-to-be start of fall at the beach. It may be September, but it’s also 95-degrees with 100-percent humidity.

But it’s also time for me to decorate my front porch for the beautiful season of color.

Using everything I’ve made, and then some, I think I accomplished my goal of praising the Lord for this beautiful time of year and making the front entrance to my home as inviting as possible.

So here are a few photos of my Florida porch.


The garland is wired to the porch railing, and it’s just the pop I wanted for this year.


Crafting pumpkins on sale at Michaels are filled with sand in order to weight them down so the breezes don’t knock them off the railing. The clay pumpkins sitting on the wicker bench are from a fun trip with my mother to Illinois about nine-years ago. And the taller wooden pumpkins in the back are my new find from a fabulous, local ‘repurpose’ store called Sisters, Too. It looks to me like they are made from wooden pallets.


Here’s a closer look at the tall pumpkins (jack-o-lanterns). They look pretty simple to make from pallets. I just knew I wasn’t going to get around to doing it, so I bought them.


Right at the front door I have my fall tree made from a tomato cage, the fall wreath made from a cheap, old wooden frame and silk leaves, and two of the cutest jack-o-lantern boxes I also purchased at Sisters, Too. (If you live locally near me, and you haven’t stopped by Sisters, Too, you just don’t know what you’re missing.) The topiary and the two jack-o-lanterns are lit. And at night, the front of my house is adorned with a purple disco light.


My Florida front porch. I love it. I hope you enjoy it, too – and that you’re inspired to decorate for fall. I’m sure the weather will cool down if enough of us decorate!

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