Fall Floral Arrangement

It’s time for one or two more fall crafting ideas. This one is a floral arrangement. I know a lot of people don’t do this anymore, but I visit the cemetery where my parents are buried quite often, changing out the flower arrangement at least every other month. So, I’m making this one specifically for Mom and Dad, but it can also dress up any dining room table.



seasonal flowers and leaves (on sale right now at both Joann’s and A.C. Moore), foam for dried flower arrangements, scissors, serrated knife, wire clippers, iced-tea glass (or other preferred container,  glue gun, and ribbon

As I said, I’m making this particular arrangement to take to the cemetery, so the flower urn is already there. All I have to do it cut the foam to the size of the urn, which I do by first putting the foam on top of the glass and pressing down gently. That will indent the foam to the size of the glass — which happens to be the same size as the flower urn at the cemetery.

Then, using the serrated knife, I begin cutting down the foam to the approximate size of the urn. When that is done, I put the foam into the iced-tea glass, to hold it steady while I make the arrangement.


Using the wire clippers, clip all of the stems, both flowers and leaves, from the bush and set them all aside.

Beginning with the longest stemmed flower, put a little glue glob on the end of the stem and press it into the center of the foam. You don’t have to glue the stems in, but I do, because the cemetery is on the riverfront and it gets quite windy there at times. I’ve seen flowers blown out of arrangements nearly every time I’ve been there.

Continue adding flowers until full, then add the leaf stems. I also added a bow, which you can learn how to make at my blog post for Fall Garland and Bow Making.

This arrangement would look beautiful on any dining room table for your Thanksgiving feast, and imagine the container being one of those crafting, carvable pumpkins. All you’d have to do is cut the stems down a little shorter.

Tomorrow during my lunch break, I’ll deliver this to the cemetery and visit for a while.

I hope this inspires you. Enjoy!








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