Paintbrush Santa

As I mentioned in my Paintbrush Snowman blog,  because of the threat of a category 4 hurricane, last week was rather distressful. But I handled my stress by paying a visit to my local AC Moore store for a few “hurricane supplies” related to crafting without power.

My Paintbrush Santa is one of those crafts. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s done-in-a-day.



3-inch paintbrush, ribbon, small ornamental items such as holly berries, white texture paint, red acrylic paint, black acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, flesh acrylic paint, a piece of fuzzy, fluffy fabric that is about 8-inches by 3-inches, paintbrush, wooden button or jewel, toothpick, glue, Q-tip, and lipstick

The 3-inch paintbrush was $1 (of course you can use an old one), the texture paint was $6.99, the fabric scrap was $1.99, the wooden buttons were $1.99, the holly berries were 49-cents, and the rest of the items were things I already had. I’ll be making quite a few of these, so I have more supplies than you’ll need for making one. Because of the wait time for the paint to dry between coats, the completed project took about an hour and a half.

Start by painting the brush handle red. Let it completely dry, then add another coat. If you choose to add a third coat, be sure to let the second one dry completely.

While the handle is drying, paint the metal part of the brush with the flesh colored paint. Again, if you choose to add layers of paint, be sure to let each coat dry.

You can’t tell from these photos, but after you paint the metal part of the brush, you should then paint the actual brush using the white textured brush. This is one of those “Do as I say, not as I do” moments. I forgot to texture my brush, and when I realized it, I was nearly finished with the project. This adds texture to Santa’s beard.

Put a little dab of white paint onto a paper plate and using the end of a small paintbrush, dab on white dots to the red handle. This is Santa’s cap. You’ll be adding the fluffy fabric to the handle, so there’s no need to take the dots all the way down to the top of the metal.

Wrap the strip of fluffy fabric around the paintbrush, with the bottom of the fabric about halfway down the metal part of the brush. This is Santa’s cuff around his cap. Glue in place. I used Elmer’s glue.

Paint the wooden button using the flesh colored paint, then glue into place. This is Santa’s nose.

In these photos, I added the textured paint after I attached the nose and the fluffy fabric. That’s because I suddenly realized I hadn’t painted the brush. Ha ha

Put a dab of black paint on a paper plate, dip the end of a small paintbrush into the black paint, then dot the metal just below the end of the fluffy fabric to form the eyes.

Put a dab of white paint onto a paper plate and using a toothpick, form the center of Santa’s eyes.

I glued on a green satin ribbon bow and three holly berries.

To form the rosy cheeks, I used a Q-tip that I dabbed with my lipstick.


Tie a ribbon through the hole in the top of the paintbrush handle so you can hang this cutie from your Christmas tree.

Fun, right?

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