Give Thanks Porch Pillow

I love to dress up my front porch for all of the seasons and holidays. Nothing too over the top (except for Halloween), but enough to let my neighbors know I care and “game on.” I’m kidding, of course, but I have been complimented on the looks of the porch, which makes me feel good.

I actually made this pillow in 2014, but thought I would bring out the instructions in case you’d be interested. I don’t have a photo of the supplies needed for this easy-sew project, but here’s a list of what you’ll need:

1 1/4-yards of burlap, 1 1/4-yards of beige liner fabric and polyester stuffing/filling or two 18-inch pillow forms,fall colored paints, paint brushes, and sewing machine

(of course the amount of fabric depends upon the size pillow you’re planning to make)

Burlap is fairly inexpensive, depending upon where you go, it can run from $2 – $4 a yard. I already had the liner fabric and the polyester fill, which runs about $13 for a 5-pound box.

I knew I wanted mine to act as a back cushion on my wicker settee, so I measured that and began my project. The measurements to the back of the settee were 40″ X 18″.

The first step is to make the inside pillow. I had bags and bags of polyester filling left over from a Crafting Sistas project a few years back, so I made my pillow form. But, if you happen to have two 18-inch pillow forms available,  you can make a casing then insert the two pillow forms and accomplish the same thing much more quickly.


Set the completed, large pillow form aside and begin making the burlap pillow cover.

After measuring and cutting the burlap, I laid the burlap on a table top that I had covered with plastic and my cardboard cutting board. Then, using a pencil, I drew out my letters to be painted. When I was satisfied with the placement of the words, I began painting. The letters took two coats, so be sure to let each coat dry complete before applying the next.


I actually painted both sides of the pillow, because the sun is so brutal here. I knew one side would soon fade out, and then I’d have the other side to use as a back-up. When the paint was dry, I sewed the burlap into a casing, slid the pillow form into the burlap casing, then slip stitched the top together.


It’s a beautiful way to show off your front porch.

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