Blessing Ring

You Can Pick Your Friends…

We’ve all heard the old adage, “You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.”

Lucky for me, the person who was my best friend for most of my adult life (of course, other than my husband), was also family…my mother.

Don’t get me wrong, she was the last person on earth that I’d have considered to be a friend when I was in high school; going through my own “growing pains.” In fact, I thought she and my dad were the enemy, the devil reincarnated, the worst thing to happen since I lost first chair in the clarinet section. I heard the word, “NO” come out of their mouths more often than not, and they absolutely hated my (then) boyfriend – which, of course drove me right into his arms.

Live and learn. As so often happens, my parents turned out to be right about that guy; he was a definite schmo.

It wasn’t until after my mother passed away that I saw and bought this adorable ornament, which sums up my feelings in one short quote:

“The truth is, even if she weren’t my mom, I would go out of my way to be friends with her.”

Not too long after my mother passed away, my cousin and I were united through Facebook, and feeling my sadness, she sent me a very special, yet simple gift. She called it a Blessing Ring. (You can find lots of samples on Pinterest.)
It’s basically a keepsake in the making; a unique and practical way to save cards, notes and special mementos you receive from family and friends. As you build your Blessing Ring, you keep it hanging where you can see it everyday.

The one my cousin sent me had a few of her handmade cards on the ring and this message:
“Our gift to you is a Blessing Ring. Each time someone encourages you in word or action, put it on our ring. It may be a birthday card or a note of encouragement from a close friend. Hang your Blessing Ring on your door knob so that each time you walk into your room, you’re reminded that you, too, are a blessing to your family, your friends and especially to God!”

Since then, among the things I’ve added have been a very special card my daughter-in-law sent me when I lost Mother, a couple of favorite photographs, and some hilarious cards from my husband and son. I’ve added strands of ribbon between the cards to bling it out.

This is a birthday card my husband gave me, and it’s so very much me. It’s also what my mother always said to me and to others about me.

This is a favorite card our son gave us for our 40th wedding anniversary. He has the best sense of humor.

And this is a photo of two of my cousin’s handmade cards and one of my ornament/mantras I have hanging in my Blessing Ring.

This is such an easy project, and can be a very meaningful gift to your bestie, a daughter going off to college, a friend feeling sadness, etc. I think I’m going to work on about a dozen of them for my Craftin’ Sistas.
I’m so glad my cousin has come into my life. I not only choose her to be my friend, I also choose her to be in my family.

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