Christmas Ornament Centerpiece

At the last minute, are you looking for a quick way to create a centerpiece for your table, but you’ve also got some baking to do, maybe a little house cleaning, and maybe some last-minute shopping? This quick and cute idea is so easy, you can leave it for the kids to do while you go on to other things on your to-do list.



For those of you who don’t have flat top stoves, you might have a collection of metal burner covers, which is the base for this ‘bowl.’ If you don’t have one or two laying around, you can get them in a package of two for a buck at any dollar store. Then you’ll need clothes pins (approximately 42), spray paint (optional), plastic ornaments for the center, and optional ribbon or silk flowers.

I already had the spray paint, so I bought the metal burner covers, clothes pins and ornaments at my nearby dollar store. Total cost of the project was $4, and it took less than a half-hour to complete.

Start by clipping the clothes pins to the edge of the metal burner cover, clipping clothes pins all the way around the cover. If you’d like, you can hot glue the clothes pins to the burner cover, but it isn’t necessary.

Once you’ve clipped the pins all the way around the burner cover, the bowl is complete, unless you’d like it to be a different color. Fill it with your ornaments, maybe a bow or two or a few silk poinsettia blooms, and your beautiful centerpiece is completed. I spray painted mine white, and plan to fill it with plastic Easter eggs and grass in the spring.

This is by far the simplest craft I’ve posted and it’s so inexpensive. Remember, it’s always fun to do creative things with your children or grandchildren – and they might be able to give this to someone special as a gift.




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