Tube Sock Snowmen Heads

On a particularly trying day at work, the first thing I usually want to do when I get home is lock myself in my studio and start crafting. So, that’s what I did tonight.

I think I would say this is an intermediate project, meaning that it might take someone who is less inclined to be crafty longer than it took me.



This is all “stuff” I had except for the tube socks, which were $7.99 at Walmart. So, you’ll need one tube sock for each project, four 3-inch styrofoam balls, white floral wire, assorted ribbon and scraps of felt and fleece, glue, one wire pipe cleaner, various embellishments like plastic holly leaves, two 1-inch red pom-poms, four 1/2-inch white pompoms, black and red puff paint, scissors, and a holiday sock.

If you have to buy everything, it’s likely going to cost about $25. It took me less than an hour to make this, but it might take some of you a little longer. No problem – I have lots of photos for you to follow.

Begin by putting a styrofoam ball into the toe of the sock and stretching it super tight, then tie it off using a piece of white floral wire, as shown below. Do this step with each of the four styrofoam balls, keeping them as straight as possible.

Using a holiday sock, cut across the sock even with the top of the heel section. This will be the top snowman’s cap.

Place the cuff end of the sock over the first (or top) styrofoam ball, leaving enough space for his face. Gather up the top of the snowman’s cap and tie it off with a pretty ribbon.

Using scrap strips of ribbon, felt or fleece, begin tying tiny scarves around the necks of each of the snowman heads.

You can see that on two I used felt, one is ribbon and one is fleece. On several of them, I cut the ends so it looks like fringe and on the last one, I painted on a snowflake.

To make the earmuffs, which are on the bottom snowman head, glue the two 1-inch red pompoms to a piece of red pipe cleaner that is about 5-inches long. Let it sit and dry for a while. In the meantime, glue the four 1/2-inch white pompoms on to the fronts of the snowman faces for noses. Then glue on any other embellishments you’d like to see. I used plastic holly leaves and glued them to the top snowman head’s cap and then to the bottom snowman head’s scarf. Once the glue has dried, attach the earmuffs to the bottom snowman head. I used hot glue for this.

Now watch these sweeties come to life as you add their faces.

I used black and red puff paint for the eyes and mouths, but you can use buttons, beads, crazy eyes, pieces of felt – whatever strikes your fancy. Then put a dab of pink lipstick on the end of a Q-tip and give them rosy cheeks.

This cute project is done and ready for display – maybe in a special place on your Christmas tree.




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