Rags to Riches Fabric Strips Wreath

Let’s make something!
On a visit to my younger sister’s home some time ago, I noticed an adorable wreath hanging from her front door. She made it by tying strips of fabric to a double-wire wreath form.

Hers was red; so cute!
I told her I wanted her to make me one, and she said she would and had me pick out some fabric she had in her stash.

But I haven’t been able to get that wreath out of my head. So, of course, I couldn’t wait and began making one of my own.


I used a double-wire wreath form that I already had, but it’s huge; 18-inches in diameter. You’d probably want to use a smaller one. Luckily I had a bunch of fabric that I was able to use, also, so I didn’t actually have to make the mega-mile round trip to Michael’s, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby or  AC Moore for any supplies. For a change, I had everything I needed. (It’s a springtime miracle.)

Although the whole project, from start to finish, took about three-hours – including cutting or tearing the fabric strips – I actually worked on mine for four nights, while watching television with my husband and my Baby Girl Ginger. If you have to buy all of the supplies, it will likely cost you about $10-$15, depending upon the cost of the fabric.

My 18-inch diameter wire form took a total of four-yards of 42-inch wide fabric, cut into 2.5-inch wide strips, and then cut into 8-inch long strips. Naturally, the smaller the wreath form, the less fabric it will take. I used eight different fabrics, because it’s what I had laying around, but you could use all one color – like my sister did. (And, I think her strips of fabric were not as wide as mine.)

Let’s get started:

This is what the double-wire wreath form looks like. They sell for about $5. It’s the kind of wreath form that is used with the big wide mesh ribbon you see so much of today. As you can see, mine is left over from Christmas, but it didn’t matter, because the whole thing gets covered up in knots.
Begin tying your strips of fabric onto the wreath form. Just use one knot, don’t double it (it will be too thick).

Keep tying the fabric strips all the way around one ring (I started with the inside ring) and when you’re finished with that one, tie strips of fabric all the way around the other ring.

When you’ve covered the whole double-ring wreath form, stick a fork in it, because it’s done!

You’ve turned fabric scraps into a beautiful wreath that could enhance any décor.
Cute, huh?

Experiment. Use a smaller wreath form, fabric strips that aren’t as wide or as long.

As we say on Craft Night with the Crafting Sistas, “Whatever. It’s your project.”

To learn more about the Treasure Coast and all it has to offer, visit my friends’ site at All Things Treasure Coast.

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  1. Dj says:

    I Absolutely LOVE this!!!!

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  2. Phyllis Watts says:

    Love this


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