Tile Coasters – Sharpie Dyed

These tile coasters are so pretty! I’ve had them on my to-do list for a few years, after seeing them on a blog I followed through Pinterest (of course – isn’t that where all great ideas are born?)


And, not only are they pretty, but they’re very easy to make – AND – each one is a unique piece of art. In fact, I can see these framed and hanging on a wall, or even used in a back splash.



four 4 1/4 white ceramic tiles, brightly colored fine point Sharpie pens, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol), felt, eye dropper, and spray glaze

I used white ceramic tiles that measure 4 1/4-inches square. I bought mine on Amazon for $22 for 20 tiles, because I needed a bunch of them for my ‘Sistas.’ But they are actually less expensive at Lowes  – 89 cents. Another reason I didn’t buy them at Lowes is that all of their tiles had one edge that was slightly rounded, and I wanted all of the edges of my tiles to match – either rounded or squared. Instead of gluing felt to the back of the tile, which can be very messy, I used the felt that has a peel-off backing and secured that to the back of the times. I didn’t have anything but outdated alcohol in my house, so I had to buy everything for this project. So, the total cost for four coasters is about $15. It took about an hour and 15-minutes to complete the project.

Before you begin, clean the tiles with a damp cloth and make sure they are completely dry.


Using the Sharpie pens, just color in the tiles. Don’t worry about white space, because it will all fill in.


I had a sort of assembly line going, putting yellow on all four tiles, then pink, then orange, then red, then purple. That was my method, but you’ll have your own. I suffer from Essential Tremors, so coloring is usually a very difficult task for me. But for this project, it didn’t matter at all. In fact, the tremors came to good use. ha ha


Once you’re satisfied with the colors on your tiles, fill an eye dropper with the alcohol and carefully apply the alcohol to the tile one drop at a time. (Okay, for those of you out there who are cupcake bakers, you might recognize that I’m not actually using an eye dropper. I’m using a little plastic “wine bottle” that is made by Wilton and used as decoration in a cupcake. You fill them with wine and then stab it into the cupcake. So…I didn’t have an eyedropper and didn’t want to make another trip to the store, so I improvised. It’s what you do when you’re a former Girl Scout.)

I placed my tiles on some paper towels that I put in a cookie sheet. The alcohol can run and you’ll want something to catch it.

You know the old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do?” Well, in full disclosure, the first set I made, I didn’t use anything under the tiles other than a paper towel. Big mistake, as I ruined my table top.


This is what mine looked like after applying the alcohol.

Now we let the tiles sit for 40-minutes while they dry.


When the tiles are completely dry, spray a coat or two of the spray clear coat glaze on them. That will seal them so the ink from the pens doesn’t continue to run. And you see, they look the same after sealing them as they did before.

When the clear coat glaze has dried, cut four 4-inch squares using the peel and stick felt. Apply to the back of each tile. Now the coasters won’t scratch your table.


Done! Four coasters, which my husband immediate began using as he watched the Super Bowl football game.


The tiles make a great gift, and as I said, could be framed and hung on a wall or used in a back splash. Very cute!

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