Sea Glass Mosaic Heart

Many of us who have lost loved ones believe they “visit” us or “send us messages.” Some of the common signs from Spirit include found pennies, the sighting of a cardinal, hearts formed through nature, among many others.

Pennies from heaven

Have you heard, “When a loved one misses you, they toss a penny down from heaven” ? I have a friend who firmly believes that each time she sees a penny in a parking lot or wherever, it’s her mother reminding her to be “penny wise and pound foolish.”


Cardinal sightings

As I cleaned out my garage months after my mother passed, a cardinal stayed in the tree just to the side of the opened garage door for about 4-hours. I’m positive that was my parent’s making sure I held on to a few of their things.


Hearts formed through nature

This is one I also believe in. I love it when I look down as I’m unlocking my car door and I see a leaf in the shape of a heart, or the shape of a heart in the most obscure setting.

Made using sea glass, shells and other things I’ve picked up, it’s the heart mosaic project I needed to do. After a particularly tough week and most likely a few more days of that toughness ahead of us, it’s an open heart that my husband and I need right now.

We are so blessed to live only a few short miles from Florida’s sunny beaches. Most of my sea glass are pieces I’ve picked up along the shores of Fort Pierce Beach, and some are from Fort Jefferson, which is Dry Tortugas National Park, Key West, Florida. There are two pieces of broken china that I picked up while dipping my toes in the sands of the Pacific Ocean while visiting our son in Japan in 2006. The tiny sea urchin was a gift from my daughter-in-law who brought it back to me from Hawaii. The small open clam is a shell I found when I escaped to Tybee Island the week after my mother passed in 2012. To me, it looks like angel wings. All of these things have been stored inside a wine glass sitting on a shelf in my studio. So why not take the things that mean so much to me and make them even more special?



frame (whatever size you want your project to be), sea glass and other small items you want to use, and Liquid Nails.

I’d consider this project to be intermediate. It took 25-hours to complete, because the glue used to adhere the glass to the wood frame took 24-hours to cure. All of my items are things I’ve collected off the beaches of my travels – sea shells, sea glass, etc. The frame is one I bought specifically for this project at

Begin by removing the glass, the matting and the backing. You’ll only use the glass and the frame.

Using pliers, remove the tacks that are used to hold the photo and glass in place.  Just pull them all the way out and discard. With the back side of the frame facing up, apply Liquid Nails or E6000 around the entire ledge that holds the glass of the frame. Position glass inside the frame and set aside to cure for at least 24-hours.

You might not want to make a heart shape; you might want to make some other shape. Whatever shape you choose to make, I suggest you trace it on a piece of paper and cut it out, then tape to the back of the glass to use as a pattern as you glue down your items.

After the adhesive has cured for 24-hours, you can flip the frame over to right side up. The pattern should be taped to the underside and the clean glass should be facing up. (The hanger on the back of my frame caused it to wobble, so I put a large bowl under mine to hold it steadier.)


Begin by laying out an outline  — kind of like putting all of the edge pieces of a puzzle together first. Using just very small dabs of Liquid Nails, I began gluing down each piece, one at a time.


When I finished gluing down the frame of the heart, I began filling in the center. I would place a few pieces down on the glass, step away and look at it from a distance, then I would either move the pieces around or I would glue a few of them down.

About half-way through the process of gluing, I removed the pattern from the back of the glass. At that point, I found it easier to see what I was doing without that white paper taped to the back.

I continued gluing until the entire heart was completed.


Isn’t it funny how you can collect little things like these and remember exactly where and when you picked them up?

Our hearts are very heavy this week, and we’ve spent all of our waking hours praying for a miracle. That’s why I had to turn to this particular project. I felt like it would lift me from my own sadness and place me in the heart of those I love the most.


It’s really quite beautiful with no background. I don’t have a window I can hang it in, so I just held it up to the sky for this photo.



My sea glass mosaic heart hangs above the last photo taken of my mother and me … a very special place in my home.

Crafting Sistas Update: The whole gang made Sea Glass Mosaics at tonight’s (April 20, 2017) Craft Night. Here’s a pic. Zoom in so you can see everyone’s ideas.


And here’s one of our late bloomers (ha ha). Her’s is an anchor.


And this is a pic of my new mosaic I completed at Craft Night.


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Dj says:

    Love and prayers, Sydney!


  2. Such a beautiful heart, such a heartwarming story.


  3. I love this project. Need to try this one as I live on the beach and have thousands of things to craft with. Thank you for the inspiration!


    1. Roxy, my Crafting Sistas will all be completing a sea glass mosaic this coming Thursday evening. I’ll keep you posted and hope you will, too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOVE!!!!!
        Checking your site now.


      2. Tag me in your sea glass mosaic please!!!


      3. Roxy, I don’t know what you mean.


      4. I don’t want to miss your post on this project!!!!!


      5. I just posted three new pics. One is the whole group, which you’ll need to zoom in on to see everyone’s ideas, one is a member’s anchor that she made, and the last one is the star that I made that night. Does that help?


      6. Oh yes. I love Beach crafts.


      7. Terrific!! 🙂 Share yours. I’d love to see them.


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