Fabric Strip Wreath

Always looking ahead (probably because of my training in the newspaper industry when I had to look ahead to weekly deadlines and beyond), I thought I would get a start on outside summer decorations for the front porch. I usually go towards a patriotic look during the summer. I’m beginning with this red, white and blue fabric strip wreath. This can actually be made using any color of fabric and any shape of styrofoam ring (heart, round, square, oval).

You might be reminded of another fabric strip wreath I made and wrote about. Check out Rags to Riches.



Fabric and a styrofoam ring are all you need for this project. The amount of fabric depends upon the size and shape of the styrofoam ring. My ring is a 12-inch ring that I purchased for $6.99 at A.C. Moore . Not knowing exactly how much I would need, I purchased 1-yard of each fabric at Jo-Ann Fabrics. My fabrics were all 43-inches wide. I ended up using about 2/3 of a yard of each color.  The entire cost for this project was $23, but I could have saved money if I had used the scraps of fabric I already have, or if I had known how much fabric it would take to make one wreath.

The total time for this project was about and hour and 45 minutes.

Let’s get started.

Begin by tearing the fabric into one-inch wide strips. (Actually, my strips are a tad wider than one-inch.) You want to tear the strips because: 1. it’s much faster than cutting, and 2. you want that raveled edge for the wreath.


Using scissors, cut a half-inch into the fabric, then tear the strips until you’ve used about a half-yard of fabric. Cut the strips in half to about 21 1/2-inches long. As you fill your foam ring with strips, you may need to cut more.

In my opinion, that’s the hardest part and the  most boring — tearing the strips. Once that’s done, it’s smooth sailing.

Fold one strip in half and put it under the wreath with the fold of the strip inside the ring of the foam wreath. Put your hand inside the loop of the folded area of the strip and then put the two loosed ends of the strip inside the loop, pulling the ends all the way through.

Pull the ends of the strip very tight. As you put more and more strips on to the foam wreath, the fabric loops will get tighter and tighter. Repeat this process over and over until the wreath is completed.

The first photo is after I had put on 4 strips of fabric, and the second photo is after 12 strips. Each time I added strips, I pressed the new loops tightly into the other loops (squishing them all together). I wanted a full wreath. You can save time and fabric by filling in your wreath a little more loosely. The third photo is after 40 strips.

You’re going to live your new wreath. These are photos as I progressed with adding one fabric strip loop at a time. When I got down to just a couple of inches left to fill, I squeezed all of the strips together tightly to make room to work, added eight more strips, then moved all of the strips around so they evenly filled the foam ring.

I did this while I was watching television for about an hour. The tearing of the fabric took about a half hour.

Before you know it, congratulations, you’ve got one more project completed!

It’s a pretty simple process. This would look great hanging on your front door at Christmas made with different shades of green fabric, too!


To learn more about the Treasure Coast of Florida and all that’s going on, visit my friend’s site, All Things Treasure Coast.




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