Patriotic Clothespin Wreath

I’m so excited to share this craft with you, because it’s one that I received from my Box Buddy. “What’s that?” you say?

Well, a Box Buddy is someone you exchange the makings for a craft with. (I know, bad grammar.) And, that someone is from another area of the country. My Box Buddy is from Pennsylvania.

The Dollar Tree has a Facebook page called Dollar Tree DIY and it features crafts made primarily from items purchased at your local Dollar Tree store (and let’s face it, every community has at least one). You request to be a member of their group, you’ll hear back that you’ve been accepted, then you can post a request for a Box Buddy. In your request, you’ll state where you are from and that you’d like a Box Buddy from a particular area. Then between the two of you, you decide how often you will box up the supplies with instructions and send to each other and if you are going to impose any type of spending limit.

Yes, it can be a little bit of a risk. Maybe they will reciprocate and maybe they won’t, but I’m sure I’ve hit the jackpot with my new buddy.

So, this Patriotic Clothespin Wreath craft was sent to me by my new buddy. Remember there are some things that can’t be sent through the mail – spray paint is one of them. My buddy also enclosed the money for the paints. (What a gem.) I’ve had my eye on making this wreath for quite some time, and my Box Buddy gave me the push I needed. 🙂

I’m excited to be a part of this and in a week or so, I’ll be sending a craft project to her.

Let’s get started. I have lots of pics for you to follow.



12-inch wire wreath form, 72 clothespins, red, white and blue spray paints, about 10 or so wooden or foam stars, white acrylic paint, hot glue gun, and embellishments (if desired)

My Box Buddy sent me two packages of 36 each clothespins, which are $1 each at Dollar Tree, but you can buy a package of 100 clothespins in the laundry section at Walmart for $1.96 (if you’re so inclined). Don’t get them out of the craft section of Walmart – the same exact package of 100 clothespins is more than $3. The 12-inch wire wreath form is also only $1 at Dollar Tree. I already had the white spray paint, but I had to buy red and blue, which I got at Walmart for $1.96 each (I owe money back to my Box Buddy). You should be able to get the white acrylic paint for about 50-cents on sale at most craft stores, and the wooden stars were also at Dollar Tree for $1. So, doing it this way, the entire project shouldn’t cost you more than $9.50 plus the embellishment. Once the paint dried, it only took about 20-minutes to attach the clothespins and finish the wreath. Nice and easy and relaxing project.

The first thing you’ll need to do is spray paint your wire wreath form with the white spray paint. The best way to spray paint your crafting supplies is to set the item inside an empty box, then spray paint that item. That will keep the paint from spraying all over the area you are working in and it will keep the paint away from any outdoor thingies blowing around in the breeze. Set it aside to dry.

Next, paint 24 of the clothespins on one side with the blue spray paint, 24 of the clothespins with the white spray paint, and 24 of the clothespins with the red spray paint. Set aside to dry.

When the paint has dried, paint the other sides of the clothespins, repeating the other three steps, until the clothespins are fully coated with their respective colors. Set them all aside to dry.

Because my stars are wooden, they need to be painted white. But you can buy foam stars in white, silver, and gold and use them instead of wooden stars. If yours are wooden, paint them and set them aside to dry.


When all of the paint is dry, you are ready to begin assembling your wreath.

The wire wreath form has a slight curve to it. So, with the flat side of the wire wreath form facing down,  begin clipping the clothespins to the wire wreath form. I like to begin with the blue clothespins. They are clipped through both wires in the upper left section of the wire wreath form.

You can stagger them by pushing and clipping every other pin all the way to the hinge or you can clip them straight. As you add the clothespins, make sure you push them nice and tight together.

After you have clipped all of the blue clothespins, begin adding the red and whites ones by starting at the top right and working all the way around to the lower edge of the blue pins. This is where you can use your own creativity. You can clip the pins every other one red and every other one white, or you can clip four of each color at a time — whatever you like best. Experiment and see which pleases your eye.

After all of the clothespins have been clipped to the wire wreath form, lay out the stars on top of the blue pins, then hot-glue the stars to attach to the wreath.


This is really cute like it is. You can stop here and hang your pretty new wreath to your front door right now — or — you can add embellishments. You could add a bow, but my Box Buddy sent me a metal star that I’m hanging from the center of mine.


That’s it! I can call this project Done! And it looks great hanging at my front door.

I look forward to this continuing Box Buddy experience. Let me know if any of you do this, too.



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  1. Linda Evans says:

    Love it, you are soooo creative. Love your ideas and the Blogs


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