Tissue Mod Podge Halloween Heads

A crafter’s poem….

Crafters are a funny bunch,
We’d rather craft than eat our lunch.
The housework, it can always wait.
It will be there on some other date.
No craft is left to be untried,
No creative thought to be denied.
Craft supplies – they’re everywhere!
We’re never caught without a spare.
Can our time be better spent,
Than practicing our creative bent?

Let it be said when we are done,
We worked, we laughed, we had lots of fun.

by Debbie Garrett

My girlfriends and I all get together once a month, meeting at alternating houses, to craft.
At least, that’s what we tell our families.
It’s actually therapy for the soul – a little crafting mixed with a little wine and martinis and a lot of chatting. It’s a great recipe for keeping our youth. (ha ha, or so we think)

That’s what Jane Fonda recently said when asked how she stays so young, “To stay young at heart, you have to have love in your life,” Jane told People magazine. “For me, it’s my women friends. They put starch in my spine and make me happy,” she said in a recent interview.

We love our little group so much we named ourselves “Crafting Sistas’.” And for me, nothing interferes with Craft Night. Here’s a fun craft you can do with your children and/or grandchildren. Everyone can get in on the fun.


A clean and dry mason jar. We had jelly jars, spaghetti jars, asparagus jars, etc. Any jar will do as long as it’s clean and dry. Then you’ll also need Elmer’s glue or Mod Podge, small paper cup, paint brush, acrylic paint of your choice, tissue paper in white, green and orange, water and some kind of drop cloth. The total amount of time is so little that if you blink your eyes, you’ll miss yourself doing this. And if you use jars, paint or tissue paper and glue that you already have, the cost is free.


Let’s get started.

There are two choices here: 1. you can paint the jars or 2. you can cut strips of colored tissue paper and apply them to the jars.


To begin, put about a tablespoon of glue or Mod Podge into the paper cup and then add about a tablespoon of water. Mix well, then add your paint — just a few drops. Mix well. It will be very runny.

Begin painting the mixture onto the outside of the jar. Be sure to lay out a drop cloth of some kind, because the mixture is very runny. The jar pictured took only one dip of the paint mixture using one of those sponge paint brushes. It takes very, very little. Remember to paint the bottom of the jar, also. When done, turn the jar over to dry.

Okay, see what I mean by “Don’t blink”?
That’s it!
How easy is that? In the background you see the ghost jar. That was made by cutting the white tissue into strips and gluing them onto the outside of the jar using Mod Podge. Set it aside to dry, then using a Sharpie pen, draw the ghost’s face.



Again — how simple!

Paint or apply tissue to a few more jars.
Put a candle inside (best to use one of those new-fangled, battery-powered candles), tie a ribbon or raffia around the top and you have yourself a great Halloween centerpiece.

Here’s some important information to remember: The outside of these jars cannot get wet. The coating will wash right off — which is actually a good thing if you’re not happy with it and want to start over.



Much like my time crafting and creating, I value my friendships with those of like minds, hopes and dreams. My Sistas’ have had my back for many years.

Enjoy, and be the blessing.

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  1. Those are so cute! Great idea 😍


  2. What a amzing FUN idea !!!! I love it!!!! .. They are super adorable. It is definitely a great project for kids!!! =)


    1. Thanks so much — enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. OHHHHHH And I LOVE that poem. It is so true!


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