Skeleton Candle/Candy Holders


This is likely to be one of the least expensive crafting ideas I’ve ever come across. I was phishing through some sites when I came across this idea. It was plastic skeletons that had been glued to the outside of a jar with a candle inside. I like to take something I’ve seen, either online, in a magazine, or at a craft show, and make it mine. That’s not to say that someone else didn’t make this crafting idea the same way I did. I’m sure someone else did, because I feel like there’s really no original thought anymore. 🙂

There’s a brand new Dollar Tree store that just opened only blocks away from where I live. I love Dollar Tree for their huge selection of things I can use as crafting supplies. Way, way less expensive than drive the half-hour it takes me to go to other crafts stores.

On this particular visit, this is what I came home with:


Some weird stuff, I know — but I’ll be using all of it and will post the results.

For this project, we are using the following supplies:


The plastic skeletons are hanging with the garland and there are four on a strand. I purchased three strands in order to have 12 skeletons. I also purchased two glass cylinder containers. In the picture you see my glue gun, but I actually ended up using E6000 glue. And, I bought two battery powered black tea lights and some candy corn.

So, the total spent (not including the E6000 glue) was $9. But in its purest form – skeletons and a glass container, you could spend just $2. The total amount of time spent making these Skeleton Candle/Candy Holders was about 20-minutes (and that was only because I had to re-glue the skeletons).

Let’s get started!

First thing, you can use the hot glue gun if want to, but I found that as I moved my Skeleton Candle/Candy Holders around my house, the skeletons would fall off. So, I ended up re-gluing all of them using the E6000.

Cut the skeletons off of the garland twine they are attached to. Using a dab of glue at the back of the head and one at the back of the back, glue the plastic skeletons to the outside of the glass container.

Fill the container with candy corn, or what ever Halloween treat you like best. And then put the candle on top of that.

That’s it! See how easy that was?

You’ve made a fun and festive — well, maybe eerie — centerpiece for your coffee table or dining table.







3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheryl Paul says:

    Love these going to try my hand.


  2. Dj says:

    Not a fan of Halloween, but love these…


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