Santa Hat

I feel compelled to hurry up and get this craft idea posted as quickly as possible. It’s made using a Halloween decoration that’s available at the Dollar Tree store and many of the items at the Dollar Tree fly off the shelves. Again, I’ve stolen this idea, but wanted to share it with you.



One witch’s hat, one red Christmas garland, two packages of white mesh, and white or silver pipe cleaners. If you purchase everything at the Dollar Tree, it’s a told cost of $5 to make one Santa Hat.  

First you’ll need to remove all of the black garland and other decorations from the witch’s hat, leaving you with a black frame.


I didn’t take the time to do this, but if you’d like, you can spray paint the frame white so it doesn’t show through on the completed Santa Hat.

Then begin wrapping the middle, triangular section of the frame with the red garland. You’ll want to just criss-cross it across the front of the frame, wrapping it behind the tabs that are sticking out on the side.

Next you’ll fill the bottom section of the frame with the mesh, forming the “fur” on the cuff of Santa’s Hat.

Form a loop and attach it to the frame using white or silver pipe cleaners. I cut mine in 4-inch lengths so they can be pulled up to show and be a part of the cuff. Keep forming loops and attaching them to the frame with the pipe cleaners until the entire bottom of the frame is covered. It should take a full package of mesh and about a third of the second package.


After the cuff of Santa’s Hat is completed, begin to form the loops used for the tassel at the top of Santa’s Hat.

Cut the mesh into 5-inch long lengths. Using three of the strips, roll them up one at a time and place in hand between thumb and index finger as shown. Place it down onto the top of the frame and using a piece of the pipe cleaner, attach to the frame. I used 7 of these to form the Santa Hat tassel.

Cute, right? So easy.

Truth be told, the Dollar Tree store also sells this same shaped Santa Hat already made, but trust me, it’s not anywhere near as cute as the one you’ll be making. Right?


Enjoy and happy holidays!

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  1. Dj says:

    This looks like one even I could make!


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