Wooden BELIEVE Covered With Christmas Scrapbook Paper

When I was a child growing up in Miami in the early 1960s, my mother would always buy a few new toys at the start of hurricane season, gift wrap them, and hide them away. Then, if we were hit by a hurricane, and it seems like we always were, she would give my sister and me gifts to unwrap during the storm. Of course, we didn’t know she was doing that — the gifts just seemed appear.

Because of that childhood experience, at the start of every hurricane season now, I gather the supplies for about five or six crafting projects that won’t take electrical power in order to complete (just incase we are without power for any length of time).

As you all know, we were hit by the outside bands (although very strong at 110-mph) of hurricane Irma in September. So, I had my crafting projects lined up like planes on a runway ready for take off.

This project is one of those. It’s something I had seen on the Thoughts in Vinyl website, but thought I could do it on my own for less money. That’s NOT what happened at all, which I’ll explain below. Thoughts in Vinyl is a great site for ordering pre-cut wooden letters and vinyl. I think you’ll fall in love with it.



The letters to form the word BELIEVE, scissors, acrylic paint, brush, glue, and scrapbook paper scraps that are Christmas themed.

If you buy the letters from Thoughts in Vinyl, the cost will be in the $16 range. If you order their small pieces of scrapbook paper (which I don’t recommend), that’s another $3.50.Β  Or you could be stupid like me and order only the I, which is shaped like a Christmas Tree, and buy the rest of your letters from a craft store. Or in my case, three different craft stores, all located 30-minutes away from where I live. I ended up spending nearly $35. So silly! The total time to make this was about an hour or so.

As soon as we were “locked in,” with shutters up and braces on the garage doors, I was itching to craft. Ha ha — I didn’t wait until the power went out.

I began by deciding which pieces of scrapbook paper to use on each of the letters. I laid the scraps out on the table and just played around with them until I liked the look of the order.

Most of my paper scraps are double-sided, so when you decide which side of the paper you want facing up, remember that when you are tracing and cutting. Lay the wooden letter front side down on the wrong side of the paper and trace around it. Then cut it out. Do that with all of the letters.

b4.jpgOnce I finished cutting out all of the letters using the scraps of paper, I laid them on top of the wooden letters just to make sure I was still liking my choices.

It was at that point that I decided I didn’t want the natural wood showing.


So I painted my letters white using acrylic paint. It’s all a matter of personal preference. They are perfectly fine left unfinished. I painted the sides and the back of the letters.


Then I set them aside to dry.

Using white glue (like Elmer’s), begin gluing the cut scrapbook paper onto the corresponding wooden letter.

Press the paper in place and hold it there for a few seconds, then turn it paper side down on a cutting board to dry. Do that with all of the letters, then set aside to dry.


These letters are perfectly fine just like this. But, of course, I wanted just a little more pizzazz. I took a small piece of very fine sand-paper and sanded both the inside and outside edges of the letters over the scrapbook paper. It gives it a bit of a worn or nostalgic look. And, I happened to have a package of very tiny Santa hats, which I used to embellish the B and the V.

Done!Β  You like? Do you believe?

I do.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. forevermyjoy says:

    What a great idea!


  2. Dj says:

    LOVE! Where did you get those adorable little Santa hats…… πŸ˜‚πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ€ΆπŸŽ„β›„οΈ


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