Snowflake/Star Wall-Hanging

Sometimes we all need a break from taxing our brains with so much thinking. Sometimes we just need mindless tasks. Right?

That’s the problem solved by tonight’s project.

Plus, we’re going through another tropical storm tonight, this one named Phillipe (sheese, when will it end?), so it’s definitely time for some crafting.

I saw a picture of a very similar completed Snowflake Wall-Hanging while sifting through crafting ideas on and decided immediately I wanted to copy it (isn’t that the highest form of flattery?). Of course, that meant a trip to my new favorite store, Dollar Tree . (Which I never mind doing, because now they’ve built one just a mile from my home!)



A bunch of plastic snowflakes and stars (your color preference), hot glue and maybe some scissors and ribbon.

I purchased all of my stars and snowflakes at the Dollar Tree and spent a total of $10. The package of small snowflakes had 10, the medium had 6 and the larger package had 3. So that, alone, is 18 snowflakes for $3. All the others were either two for $1 or singles for $1 each. I don’t recommend this project for children, as it’s all put together using hot glue. I don’t own one of the cooler glue guns, but I’m sure it would work, too. It took me about 20-minutes to complete one.


There’s really no science to this in-the-end-it-will-be-very-pretty project, but let’s get started.


I used a surface covered with paper towels — I do NOT recommend that you do that. The glue dripped down and the paper towels stuck to my snowflakes and stars. It was hard to peel it all off.

I started by laying all of my snowflakes and stars out on my work surface, just to see how I might want the finished project to look.


I used the smaller snowflakes as a base, then began gluing them all together.

Once the base was glued together, I began gluing larger stars and snowflakes on top of the base and on top of each other.

And I had enough stars and snowflakes leftover that I was able to make second one.


I added a bow to the second one. With all of my stars and snowflakes used, I was excited to say this little project was done.

Instead of hanging a wreath on your front door, hang this gorgeous snowflake door hanger to spread positive vibes outdoors. And it looks novel, too!


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