Valentine’s Day Wreaths

After all the Christmas ‘stuff’ is put away, I don’t want to go cold turkey without any holiday decorations. My house is usually covered head-to-toe in holiday décor, and it’s hard to let go of all that “festive-ness.”  So, I put a few Valentine’s Day things up — not many. It doesn’t take much to satisfy my craving.

I saw a few things in my new Dollar Tree store (that was opened just across from my  neighborhood and has become my new hangout) that would make great wreaths, so that’s the direction I chose to go in.

Silly me, I forgot to take a photo of the supplies…


…But I can tell you what I used:

 a wire wreath form in the shape of a heart, a styrofoam wreath form in the shape of a heart, 5 pink feather boas, 2 strands of red Valentine garland, various ribbons in 5-yard lengths, a couple of pipe-cleaners, hot glue and gun (or sticky glue dots if children are making this craft), and scissors

All of the supplies were purchased at Dollar Tree, so everything was $1 each. And this is such a simple craft that you and the kiddos can do it together.

We’ll start with the pink feathered boa wreath on the wire form:

The boas can be found in the children’s toys area of the Dollar Tree store and have white string at each end that is about 3-inches long. Cut those ends off. The front of the wire wreath form is the curved side and the back is the flat side. Put a little dab of hot glue on the end of the feathered boa (or a large sticky dot) and stick the boa to a starting point on the back of the wreath form. I started mine at the point of the bottom of the heart shape. Let it sit for just a moment while the glue hardens. Then begin wrapping the boa around the wire form until you get to the end. Put some glue on the end of the boa and stick it to the wire form. Continue doing this with all five boas, which will end with a nice and fluffy heart shaped wreath.


After the boas are all wrapped around the wire form, I cut 8-inch strips of the ribbons, using three different ribbons, and began randomly tying them around the single wires of the form. I tied a single knot.


I think it needs more, don’t you?

So, I added a few more ribbons and a great big bow at the top, attaching the bow to the wreath by wrapping a red pipe-cleaner around the bow and wreath and twisting it in the back to form a loop for hanging.

20180107_141832 (1)

I love it. It was a total of $9 and took about 45-minutes from start to finish.

The Dollar Tree also sells little plastic heart ornaments that would look cute glued on, but I’m content with this as it is.

Now let’s make the red heart using the Styrofoam heart shape:


Dollar Tree sells these Styrofoam hearts as completed decorations, but they are too plain for me and much less expensive than buying a heart shaped foam at a craft store (like about $6 less expensive). And if you’re using the red garland, the red foam heart is perfect.


The foam hearts already have a ribbon attached for hanging, so leave that on. Put a dab of hot glue onto the end of the garland and press it onto the back of the foam heart. Tightly wrap the garland around the foam heart, using one strand of garland to cover half of the heart.

Glue the end down on the back of the foam heart, then attach the other strand of garland and begin wrapping if until the entire foam heart is covered.

I made a small bow to attach to the top of mine.


Another cute project, and it’s so easy to include your children and/or grands in this fun.

The total cost was $4 and the total time from start to finish was about 15-minutes.


Here are some pics of my front porch. I made a few heart shaped pillows and painted messages on them – like Sweethearts. Fun!

20180106_153311 (1)20180106_153332 (1)








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  1. Dj says:

    OMG, you are amazing! i love this!!!!! And the best part – EASY! and Dollar Tree! ❤


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