Yardstick Star Wreath

The whole purpose of this blog is to share the fun we have each month during our Crafting Sistas craft night.  The craft we made this month was beautiful and can be used most any time of the year. Our Crafting Sista Sandy hosted this one. We can always count on her and her daughter Rachel to come up with beautiful home decor ideas.

Using the simple and inexpensive (sometimes even free) yardstick, we made wreaths!


For one wreath you’ll need three yardsticks, grommets or glue, stain or paint, and any of the ribbon and flowers you want to decorate the wreath with.

I would say this is an intermediate project, because of the use of a saw and a grommet tool. But other than that, if you choose to glue your pieces together, it’s really quite simple.

First you’ll saw the yardsticks in half. If you’ve thought ahead, you’ve probably noticed that each wreath is made with five 18-inch pieces of the yardstick — so, you’ll have one piece left over.


After the pieces are cut, you’ll stain them, or paint them, or leave them natural. Our motto at Craft Night is, “It’s your project!” So, you do what you think is best for you.

We were lucky — Crafting Sista Sandy and her husband had already cut the pieces, stained them, and put them together!

— which is the next step — putting the pieces together in the shape of a star. Sandy’s husband put them together with a grommet tool, but you could also glue them together using wood glue and then wait for them to dry, before adding your decorations.


We each had a choice of white, grey, or brown stained stars.

Then we started wiring or gluing our decorations onto the stars. When I keep something for myself, I usually just use a hot glue gun. But if I’m giving it away as a gift, I will also wire things onto the wreath form, making it much more permanent.


But these stars could be decorated for Christmas, also. Never let a photo of a completed project keep you from using your own creative mind.



Our group was much smaller than usual that evening, but we had a great time — as always.



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