Simple Porch Cushion Cover

I love decorating my front porch. It’s small, so it has to have impact.

Every June 1 I decorate inside and outside in red, white, and blue – and, of course, this year is no different.

I keep a red-ish cushion on the wicker settee, and I used to go to the trouble of making new covers for the cushion — then last year I got smart. Now I just buy a couple yards of seasonal fabric and pin it onto the cushion. Bam! Done!


I started off by laying the fabric on my kitchen table, and then laying the cushion on top of that. I bring up the sides and pin them in place, then bring up the bottom and pin it, then the top.


It’s really that simple!

Turn it over and put it in place, and voila, your project is complete!


Of course, I needed more. So I made envelopes for my 10-year old existing pillows and covered them in a red and white chevron and covered some smaller ones in a blue and white print.

Now I can call it “done.”


One Comment Add yours

  1. Dj says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I have a nasty seat cushion on my patio swing and now I can fix that!


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