Flag T-Shirt

My husband and I love getting away for weekends of camping. Some don’t consider our little trailer to be camping – more like glamping to them. But anyway you look at it, we’re away, we’re together, and we’re enjoying life.

We’ve just spent the past four weekends camping and, frankly, relishing the quiet. But once in a while, you need your friends to surround you with their happy faces and crazy antics.

On one of our four weekends, some of our long-time buddies came to party with us. The boys were supposed to play some golf, but torrential rains during the week flooded the course, forcing it to be closed.  Too bad for the them.

But that didn’t keep us girls from playing through. We had plans for the day. We painted, then painted some more. We ate, drank, and even went swimming long before that one-hour wait had passed.

First up was a painting class at the campground. Everyone had a choice of painting a starfish on the beach, a sunset, fall trees, wine glasses, or a camping sign. It’s good to have choices, isn’t it?


It’s so much fun to have friends who indulge in my love of crafting, although I’ll never be an artist — that’s for sure!

Then we went to my campsite to paint T-shirts for the upcoming July 4th holiday.


All you need is a T-shirt and some red and blue acrylic paint (with a little fabric medium mixed in), a paint brush, a couple of paper plates, some paper towels or a large piece of cardboard, and an iron.

I bought the T-shirts at Walmart for $2.88 each, and the paint was $1 each at Dollar Tree. This is such an easy and quick project, you’ll be done before you know it — and you can definitely do this with the kiddos.

Lay the T-shirt, front side up, on a table that has been covered with newspaper, plastic, or something else that will protect it from being ruined by the paint. Then put several layers of paper towels or a piece of cardboard inside the T-shirt.

Pour a huge glob (there’s no such thing as too much) blue paint onto a paper plate. Rub the inside of your hand in the paint, covering the whole palm of your hand. The blue represents the place on the American flag that holds the stars. Then carefully place your hand – as if it were a rubber stamp covered in ink – onto the T-shirt in the spot where you want it to be.

They’re the best!!

Then, wash your hand with soap and water, removing all of the blue paint.

Pour some red paint onto a paper plate, and using a paint brush or your finger begin painting the flag’s stripes. Now, here’s the important thing to remember: This is YOUR project! You can see from the photos below, all of our shirts are different.

Once the paint has dried, you can heat set the paint, so it won’t wash off, by ironing it, holding a hair dryer to it, or by putting it in the clothes dryer for a while.

Happy Fourth, ya’ll!

20180630_131622 (1)




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  1. Linda Evans says:

    You are just so clever Sydney. Love all these Idea. Wish I had your energy.


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