Pillow Cover Made from Scraps of Love

Again, from the “It’s Never Too Early for Fall” category, I’ve made a pillow cover from a fall vest that my mother used to wear.

It’s been nearly six-years since my mother passed away, and nearly a year since I lost my sister, so I’m feeling rather lonely and nostalgic these days.  And you know from my most previous post, I’m also trying desperately to down-size and free up some space.

Soon after she passed away, I made a lap quilt using some of Mom’s clothing. You can read about that by clicking right here. But I also held on to some other articles of clothing that she wore on special occasions — holiday vests and sweaters, the dress she wore to my son’s wedding, and a few other things.  Scraps of Love.

During this stretch of sadness that I’m going through, I thought I could bring Mom closer to me by making a pillow cover using her fall vest. First of all, Mom and I always agreed that a girl can never have too many pillows, and second of all — well, to be frank, I can lay my head in her lap with the pillow and pull her arms around me with the quilt.

Plain and simple.

This is the last photo that was taken of my mom and me together. It’s grainy, but I don’t care. She’s smiling and that’s all that matters to me. When you’ve had as good a relationship with your mother as I had with mine, you never stop needing her, you never stop wanting her, and you never stop missing her — no matter what your age may be.

mom2 (2)

This was taken only two weeks before she passed away in September of 2012.

So, back to the pillow cover. I got out her fall vest today and began sewing. I have no real instructions to give you. I just knew that I wanted to save the whole pattern and that it had to be a pillow.


I turned it inside out and then stitched straight across the top of the scene, making sure not to cut off the scarecrow’s head. To make it a bit smaller, I also stitched down the sides. I did lose some of the fence railing and half of a yellow sunflower, but it was too big otherwise. And then I stitched across the bottom. I didn’t have to worry about leaving a seam open for the pillow form, because I knew I could just unbutton the front.


I turned it right side out, stuffed in the pillow form, closed the buttons, and Voila!


Now I can curl up with Mom and have that deeply-needed conversation that’s rumbling around in my heart and head.


I love you, Mom, and miss you like the dickens. Thank you for passing on your gift of sewing.



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