Pant Pumpkins

So, what the heck is a Pant Pumpkin?

Well, I cut off a pair of jean to make into shorts today and used the bottom part that I cut off to make two no-sew pumpkins!  Pant Pumpkins!!  ha ha



the part of the pant leg that you cut off (cut to about 8 or 9-inches long), two rubber bands, scissors, some ribbon, and what ever other embellishments you want to use (and I used my hot glue gun)

Start by turning the pant leg wrong side out and tightly wrapping a rubber band around the part of the pant leg that has been cut. Use the hemmed edge of the pant leg for the top of the ‘pumpkin.’

Then turn it right side out.

Take some polyester stuffing and fill the pant leg.

Then tightly wrap the second rubber band around the top of the pumpkin.

I broke off a small branch on the oak tree in my front yard, cut it down to about 4-inches long, and put it down inside the top of the pumpkin for the stem of the pumpkin.

Then I added ribbon and a few silk leaves, and done! — Done in like 5-minutes!!

It truly doesn’t get any easier than this!




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  1. omgosh how CREATIVE. I love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing. I love them!!!

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