Deco Mesh Fall Wreath


Don’t turn away!

This isn’t your normal deco mesh wreath tutorial. This one is much easier.

I know I often write about things I’ve made using supplies I’ve bought at Dollar Tree and because of that, many of the projects I’ve written about are fairly inexpensive to make.

Well, this is not a Dollar Tree project, but it is a way to make a deco mesh wreath that will cut your time in half.



one pre-made (yes, I said pre-made) deco mesh wreath, lots of seasonal ribbon, some decorative deco mesh, a scarecrow head, pipe cleaners, scissors, wire clippers, and my hot glue gun.

I had a choice. I could have bought all the materials to make the puffy wreath, which were: $4.99 for the 16-inch wire wreath form, $9.99 for the 4-inch wide burlap ribbon used to wrap around the wire wreath form, $2.99 for the beige pipe cleaners, and $14.99 each for two rolls of the 10-inch wide burlap mesh to create the puffy wreath. In case you lost count, that’s about $48 just for the wreath without any embellishments.

OR I could buy the puffy burlap wreath already made for $19.99 at AC Moore and all I need to do is add the embellishments. My momma didn’t raise no fool, so I bought the pre-made wreath — and you can, too!! I’m telling you — you won’t regret it and you can still say that you made it!

SIDE BAR — I recently attended a workshop that was, in part, devoted to time management. My take-away from that workshop was that my time is just as valuable as anyone else’s. We all need to learn to respect and value our time, and in so doing we will show respect to other’s time. (In other words, as long as no lives are lost and you aren’t breaking any laws, its okay to take some shortcuts.)

Although I already had some seasonal ribbon, I bought more. I believe that when it comes to ribbon, more is better. The scarecrow head was also at AC Moore for $4.99, and the decorative orange colored mesh was 10-inches wide and 5-yards in length for $5. I actually bought of two of everything, because I knew I wanted to make one for a friend and one for me. I have enough “stuff” left over to make another one if I buy the pre-made wreath and another scarecrow head.

Let’s get started!

You can see from the photos above that the wire wreath form is wrapped in 4-inch wide burlap ribbon. This gives the wreath a little more stability and it hides the wire nicely. Most of the time, I don’t want anyone looking at the back of my projects, but in this case, you can show it off. You can also see that it measures 16-inches in diameter, but the completed, pre-made puffy wreath is about 23-inches in diameter.

The first thing I did was to add the orange decorative mesh.

Gather up the end of the mesh, then tightly wrap a pipe cleaner around that end and then around a spot on the wreath. Secure it tightly in the back.

Every 9-inches or so, gather up the mesh and then tightly secure it around the wreath at the back. Do this all the way around the burlap wreath.


I made a bunch of bows out of seasonal ribbon, but before I attached them, I put my wreath on the floor so I could get a good look at where I was placing things.


First I laid some bows and the scarecrow head on top of the wreath and stepped back to get a good look. I wasn’t satisfied, so I added some more ribbon.



The addition of the polka-dot ribbon gave a bit more of a whimsical look, which I really liked, so now it’s ready for everything to be permanently placed onto the wreath.

I cut two tiny holes in the back of the scarecrow head, put a long floral wire through it, and attached it to the wreath.

I laid the scarecrow head on top of the wreath, exactly where I wanted it placed, then while holding it in place, turned the wreath over and pulled the floral wire tight.

That’s exactly how I added the bows. Using pipe cleaners (or you can continue using the floral wire, or — if you want to hold them in place for a few minutes — the hot glue gun), I wired the bows into place.


Don’t you know it? I still wasn’t satisfied, so I added some silk leaves.


This took me about 45-minutes to complete — thanks to buying a pre-made burlap wreath.

And here’s the other one I made.


Have I mentioned how much I love fall?


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