Punkin’ Paddy, My Raggedy Pumpkin

She’s officially called Punkin Paddy Raggedy, but I just call her Punkin.

Isn’t she the cutest?

This will be an unusual post, because I don’t have any photos of the progression of making her. I bought the pattern to make her online at  Old Road Primitives, along with several other patterns.  That site is fabulous, if you’re into primitive crafting – which I’m not really into, but fell in love with her.

My point in posting this is to encourage you to take a look at their patterns, dust off your  sewing machine, and get crackin’!



So, here’s the deal.

I belong to a closed Facebook group of like-minded people interested in crafting. It’s a wonderful group and the woman who heads it up is hosting an upcoming class on how to make this cutie-pie. We each had to sign up for the class and had to purchase the pattern and our supplies.

I bought my supplies Saturday and by Sunday morning I was sitting at my sewing machine. I just couldn’t wait.

So, out of respect for the woman heading up the class, I won’t post any details other than to tell you that you can do this, too.

If you already sew, this is a simple project. And since there were a few confusing details in the instructions, I’m still going to take the class.

But — I repeat — how cute is she?


I hope you make her, too, and that you send me pics of your Punkin’.

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