Wooden “Pallet” Pumpkin

I don’t often do this, but I had to miss craft night with my Sistas in August, but they put together a kit for me so I wouldn’t completely miss out. Thankfully they did, because it’s a pumpkin!

Each of us takes a turn hosting our monthly get-togethers, and the hostess is the person responsible for picking the craft and buying all of the supplies. Usually, the monthly craft is quite affordable – and this time was no different. We each paid $10.



wooden “pallet” pumpkin with stand, acrylic paints, paint brushes, assorted ribbon, various fall silks, whatever embellishments you like, hot glue gun

The wooden “pallet” pumpkin has a Hobby Lobby sticker on the back. I tried to find it online, but was able to locate it. I’m assuming it must have been in the $5 range, because we paid $10 for the entire grouping of ‘stuff.’ Our hostess gave each of us orange paint, the assortment of fall silks, raffia, the paint brushes, and the miniature apples and pumpkin. The other paints and ribbon were things I had on hand.


So, let’s get started.

Begin by painting the pumpkin and base with orange paint.


I used two shades of orange to paint mine, and I didn’t worry about giving it a heavy coat, because I went back and added purple and brown to give it a little dimension.

To add the dimension to the pumpkin, I put only a small amount of the purple and brown onto the brush and then wiped most of it off — then brushed it onto the pumpkin. This technique is called dry-brushing.

Then I painted the stem brown, and lightened it with some beige.

In all reality, you could call this project done at this point. In fact, if you enjoy projects with your children and/or grands, this is great for them.

But, of course, I wanted more — so, using the hot-glue gun, I attached fall silk leaves, flowers, and ribbon to the base that holds the pumpkin.

I got this far, and decided it still wasn’t enough, and that’s when I added the sunflower and some ribbon.


Then I decided that the pumpkin needed a bow — because everything should be tied up with a pretty bow.


I think this is cute and it was a simple project to complete in about 45-minutes.






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