Pumpkin Witch

It’s been a rainy day – all day – here in Florida. Tropical Storm Gordon kept most of us in all day, but that’s been okay with me.

I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m sometimes like a dog that’s easily distracted by squirrels. Today was like that for me. I began by removing seasonal decor from my living room, but then got distracted by my lineup of crafting project. So, I did one, then went back to cleaning up, then went back to crafting, then moved on to a little bit of fall decorating, then back to crafting, writing my blog, fixing dinner…

It seemed that each time I walked into a different room, I began a new project. ha ha ha

About a month ago, a friend of mine gifted me a bag full of white crafting pumpkins; all sizes. I wanted to do something different than the a-typical flower arrangement (although I did make two of those), so I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with an idea.

I’ve also mentioned that I practically live at the new Dollar Tree store that opened near my house. So on one of my frequent trips to Dollar Tree, I picked up a witch’s hat, a black boa, some witch’s legs, and a funky headband that I’m sure we’ll see a lot of kids wearing this Halloween. And this is what I made.


Not a bit scary — only cute!



9-inch craft pumpkin, witch hat, witch legs, black boa, headband or yarn or ribbon, black, white, and orange acrylic paints, small paint brush — and as I progressed into the project, I realized I needed polyester stuffing/filling, felt, and my hot glue gun

The total cost of this for me was about $5, but if you have to buy your craft pumpkin, that will add about $10 to the cost.

I started off by painting the face onto the craft pumpkin. I free-handed my face, which is astounding to me, because I have terrible essential tremors that keep me from doing intricate work.

I drew on the face with a fine marker, then went back and painted it.

I started with the eyes, let them dry a little (that only took a few moments), then painted the nose.


After that, I painted the mouth and let the face dry a few moments before I moved on.

To put the sparkle in my witch’s eyes, I stuck a dress-maker’s pin into the eraser end of a pencil, and dipped it into white paint.


Now, this is when things got a little tricky. I had bought a funny and funky headband that had black net tubes that I thought would make great hair for my witch. In hindsight, and if I ever make another one, I will cut strips of ribbon or yarn and glue that to the inside rim of the hat.

But that’s not what I did for this project. I cut the black tubes off of the headband, and glued them onto the pumpkin. Oh my! That was tough, I’m not gonna’ lie. I had to hold each one in place until the hot glue dried — burning my fingers three times.

But when I had finally finished that part up, she looked exactly like I had pictured.


Now it’s time to attach the witch’s hat. I put a small amount of polyester filling into the hat (about half way), then I put a line of hot glue all the way around the inside rim of the hat.

While the glue is still hot, put the hat in place on the pumpkin and carefully hold it in place until the glue dries, being mindful that you can easily burn yourself.

Now onto the legs:

The legs come on a ring. So, I cut off the ring, and the tag, and opened up the legs and put some fill in them. Be careful to only fill the legs about 9-inches.

Then I attached the legs to the bottom of the pumpkin using hot glue.


Never one to be satisfied with something that looks unfinished, even on the bottom, I glued a circle of felt over the exposed glue to give my project a better look.


While she’s upside down, I attached her black boa using hot glue. I put a ring of hot glue around the pumpkin, about 4-inched from the bottom, and stuck the boa to it, holding it in place until the glue dried.

Now, your sweet witch is ready for her close-up.


How cute is she?



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  1. Dj says:

    She is so adorable!!! Love her!!!


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