From Shawls and Blankets to Pillow Envelopes

While taking the babies (our two rescues) for a walk last night, we ran into some neighbors who were leaving for a craft meeting — an extension of our HOA that is planning a craft sale in about a month. I didn’t know they were crafters, and they didn’t know I am one.

When I said it out loud, “I craft every day,” I realized that, to them, I probably seem to be a bit obsessed with crafting. As they were talking about their “boxes of stuff all over the house,” I proudly told them about Studio Sydney.


I’m not a professional crafter; I don’t sell my wares. I make stuff mostly for me, and sometimes to give as gifts. It’s also my therapy. I think I’ve mentioned several times that I believe we all need an outlet of some kind with which to expend our energies and unearth our center.

Anyway, I needed to get home and get back to making pillow envelopes from the blankets and shawls I had purchased at JoAnn’s . I went into JoAnn’s looking for some buffalo plaid, but there wasn’t any. I think this is the first time I’ve been in on what’s trending, while it’s actually trending. I’m usually a day late and a dollar short.

JoAnn’s did have some lap blankets and shawls on sale, so bought them to use to make the pillow envelopes.


I just completed my annual count of pillows, and it’s official — I have a bagillion. A couple of years ago I finally got the idea to stop making pillows, and make pillow envelopes, instead. That way, I could fold them up flat for storage. (Unlike what I have on shelves in all of our closets right now.)

For this project, which only takes about 15-minutes, you will need a sewing machine. (I suppose you could use fabric or hot glue, but I’m not sure I’d recommend that.)

This is an envelope like any other envelope. Start by laying a pillow or pillow form on top of the fabric being used to make the envelope.

Or you can measure the width of the pillow and then cut the fabric about two-inches wider. Since the pillow I’m using as a form is an over-stuffed 12-inches, I cut my blanket fabric at 14-inches wide.

The blanket is 60-inches long, so I needed about 26-inches of length, plus enough to fold over like an envelope. I kept one end of the fringe to fold over.

Then I stitched a quarter inch hem down the unfinished edge that will be at the top of the pillow, and then stitched the two sides together.

Turn it right side out and put the pillow down inside.


Cute, right? And — oh so simple.

I spend $30 on the three items (they were on sale and I had a coupon), and will create at least 8 pillow envelopes.

Not bad!


These are actually going to be used on my front porch when I decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Show me what you make!

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