Cork Mini-Message Boards

If it’s the third Thursday evening of the month, then you know it’s going to be a great night — filled with laughter, funny stories, and just silly times. The third Thursday of the month is our Crafting Sistas get together, where each of us takes our turn at hosting us for a light dinner, drinks, and crafting. Since August of 2009, this has been an event on my calendar that I very rarely miss.


Our hosts this month offered us two projects, completely unrelated – and both were great. One project was a costume jewelry collage and the other was a miniature message board made from wine corks.


Here you see my friend glammed-up a sweet sign for her granddaughter using some old pearls, and I chose to make the message board. (I’ll be back later to show you my costume jewelry project.)

I made a small heart that night at Crafting Sistas, but then took a bag of corks with me camping this past weekend and made another, larger one.


20190224_085615 (1)

For this larger heart, 46 corks are used, along with things to embellish, some hot glue, floral hooks, ribbon or raffia, and thumb tacks. The smaller heart takes 31 corks.

This is a rather simple project, however because of the use of hot glue, I don’t recommend it for children. The total time, from start to finish was less than an hour.

Begin by gluing three corks together in the shape of a triangle, then glue three more corks to one side, keeping the triangular shape.

Keep gluing corks together until you have eight rows of corks in a triangular shape.

Now, you’ll glue on the corks that form the top of the heart.


You can see from the above photo that you’ll glue down three corks, the two on top of the three on both sides of the top of the triangle, forming the heart.

Then you begin embellishing it in any way that suits your taste. I had a cork with a cool quote, so I cut it in half lengthwise and glued it to the message board.


Now we add the ribbon or raffia to the back so you can hang your message board.

The floral hooks you see in the photo above can be purchased at any craft store. Put the ribbon or raffia through the top of the floral hook and then hammer it into the back of a cork near the top of each side of the heart.


Embellish it to your taste and viola! Project completed. I have mine hanging on the fridge to remind me of my shopping list.

Here’s a pic of both of mine.





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