Spring in Black, Yellow, and White

Last night I wrote about how much I enjoy trying to come up with new color schemes and new decor for the house each Spring.

Isn’t it funny where you can draw your inspiration?

Back in very early February I bought some white and yellow silk flowers to arrange. I was already thinking ahead to Spring and Easter, because I habitually re-decorate the day after a holiday or special event. When I got home from the store I tossed the bag of silks onto the kitchen table and they came spilling out on top of a black and white buffalo plaid napkin that was on the table.

I know it’s probably a sacrilege to say this, but I’ve not really gotten into the whole farmhouse trend. While it’s all very pretty and quite soothing, and parts of it have been nice to use for temporary decorating for certain holidays, I would not have my whole house decorated in ‘farmhouse rules.’ It would be way too much for me.

I love color.

But that’s just me.

When I saw the yellow flowers sitting on top of the black and white buffalo plaid napkin, I really liked the color combination, but didn’t want to use anything plaid or checkered. I bought a spool of black ribbon with white polka dots, brought it home for a quick look-see-match, and BINGO, I had my colors for Spring 2019.

I began with this farmhouse basket and attached the silks to it to hang in my dining room window.




The flat “farmhouse” basket was just $5 at AC Moore. I bought the silks at Dollar Tree and Michael’s, bought the lemons at Michael’s, and bought the ribbon at both Michael’s and AC Moore. I spent just over $40 for this project.

I didn’t think to take photos; my head hasn’t been in the game lately. But I’m sure you can figure it out by looking at the finished photo.

First up was to attach a small piece of floral foam to the left side of the inside of the basket. Because I knew I’d be hanging it in a west window of my house, and living in Florida that means the hottest part of the day beats down on that window, I didn’t use hot glue to attach it to the basket. I wired it on, then covered it with moss that I pulled out of my oak trees.

NOTE: If you plan to use your own moss, be sure to put it into a paper bag, crimped closed, and microwave it for about 30 seconds to kill off any mites or whatever could be living in the moss. Then let it cool down before using it.

Once the floral foam was attached, I went to town on loading it up with white and yellow silk flowers, green English Ivy, whole and sliced plastic lemons that I poked into floral stems, and of course a big bow.

At the time, which was early February, one of the things that really excited me about this was that it wasn’t something that was trending. I bought enough “stuff” to decorate the entire front part of my house and had to go to a few stores to get the colors and ribbons that I wanted. But it wasn’t trending.

That all changed in March when all the stores brought out their Easter decor. I suddenly saw a lot of yellow and black together.

Oh well, at least I was ahead of the curve.

Here are a few other things I did in my foyer, my living room, and my dining room.


When you first walk in through the front door, you’re greeted by three giant daisies.


And to the left you’re met by Peep the Chick.


Right in front of you is another arrangement I made using the yellow and white silks. This one is also wired on so that I can easily remove it and reuse the metal cage another time.


I was really quite happy with the living room, which is normally laden with red accessories.


The dining room is nice and bright, and my basket wreath looks great hanging in the window. I didn’t have enough of the yellow checked plates nor the black and white plates, so I mixed them. And, rather than spend money on more napkins, I just used what I had. I love this fresh look.

Bunnies made by gluing two pieces of burlap together with a small amount of polyester fill are placed at each of the lady’s seats.


And this is the original arrangement of flowers that started it all.

The front porch and family room are decorated in pastels, but this bright and clean look of the yellow, black and white is perfect.


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  1. Linda Evans says:

    You are AMAZING.. where you get this energy, I don’t know. but love that you do what you do. You’re wonderful Sydney

    Liked by 1 person

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