Eyelash Yarn Wreath

This is such a sweet looking wreath. I received the supplies for making it in my final Buddy Box package that arrived back in October. I was all wrapped up in making things for fall, and didn’t want to work on spring things at the time.

(In fact, remember my 70 pumpkins I was making at the time?)

That was definitely time consuming.

So, I put off the projects that were in the Buddy Box until this spring.

This is usually the time of year that I clean out closets, and low and behold I came across my Buddy Box from last fall. I opened it to find all the stuff for making this adorable wreath and a few other projects that I’ll get to later.

When this wreath is completed, it’s just so cute, light, airy, and the epitome of Spring.



One 12-inch foam wreath form, 2 skeins of green eyelash yarn, about a half-yard of daisy embellishment, straight pins, floral wire or a pipe cleaner, and ribbon.

The foam wreath form is $1 at Dollar Tree. The eyelash yarn is available at all craft stores, but I saw it at Hobby Lobby for about $3 per skein. The ribbon is only about a yard long and available at all craft stores, but the one pictured is not what I ended up using. I like large bows, so I used some yellow ribbon that I already had. The daisy embroidered embellishment comes on a roll at many craft stores and is sold by the yard at fabric stores. There were about 18 daisies on this piece. I’d say the total cost was about about $10. It’s a very easy project to complete within about 30-45 minutes. Even the kiddos can do this one.

Begin by wrapping the eyelash yarn around the foam wreath form, and just wrap it all the way around the circle. Secure the ends with a touch of glue.

To me, it’s already so cute – without any embellishments.

It reminds me of our well manicured lawn my dad always kept at our home in Miami. He poured hours and hours into our lawn maintenance, fertilizing, weeding, trimming, and mowing. He usually brought all of us in to help — Mother, my younger sister, and me. But it was the prettiest on the block, maybe in the entire neighborhood.

My dad was so meticulous about his lawn that we sometimes thought he got up in the middle of the night to trim the grass with a pair of scissors. At one time, we had about 25 different types of palm trees and about 10 different types of crotons planted in our yard.


This is from 1961 or so. Don’t you love the car? That car was the size of my first apartment. Anyway, we moved into this house in 1959 and by the time this photo was taken, he’d planted a bunch of different palms, a hedge of ixoria at the front of the house and a cherry hedge around the side to the front. You can see from all the sand in the lower right of the photo that our neighbor didn’t take care of his yard, which drove my dad crazy.

Because of him, I make sure our own lawn has always been and always will be up to his standards.

Back to the wreath: Now we move on to the daisy embellishments. Since these are all attached to one another, you’ll need to cut them apart. But you can buy them separately in a plastic bag that has about three or four in the bag. (That will be a lot more costly.)

Lay them out on your wreath in the places where you’d like to see them. Then, using a straight pin, stab them down into the foam wreath form. I used pins with a yellow ball head, but you can use any straight pin.

I made my bow using some yellow ribbon that I already had laying around and attached it using a white pipe cleaner wrapped around the wreath.


How sweet, cute, airy, light, and perfect for this time of year.

Isn’t it fun when you see, hear, smell, or taste something that takes you to a memory or a time that you hadn’t thought about in years? That’s what the making of this little wreath has done for me. It’s who I am — it truly embraces my time of life.

Flower power.

And on this Mother’s Day, it’s fitting that I gift it to the daughter of my mother’s best friend, who is now a very dear friend of mine.






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda Evans says:

    Love it. thanks for sharing your wreath making but mostly your memory of your Dad. Hope you have a GREAT day Sydney


    1. Thank you, Linda. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Happy Mother’s Day!


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