Lavender and White Easter

Last year I used yellow teamed with black and white polka dots as my colors for my spring/Easter decor.

I loved it.

But I also really appreciate that, while I’m still full-time employed, I can switch up my holiday and seasonal decor (mostly thanks to Dollar Tree putting a location only a mile away).

The nearest craft store is a 30-minute drive from my house, so — needless to say, my DT and I have bonded.


a tall styrofoam cone, silks (artificial flowers and greens), and ribbon. 

Because I didn’t have a styrofoam cone, and the DT store is only a mile away, I purchased 12 styrofoam disks (2 for $1), hot-glued them together, and cut it down to resemble a cone shape. As you can see, I use term “cone shape” very loosely. It was worth it, though, because it saved me at least an hour of driving time to and from Michael’s or JoAnn’s.

I used 10 bushes of the DT white hydrangea. I cut them into short stems and just stabbed them right into the styrofoam — no glue. I went back and filled in some spaces with white and lavender-colored blooms from DT that looked like lavender. I used one bushes of each color. Then I added some greenery that I already had. My total cost was $18 plus the supplies I already had.


When I finished it, well, it just looked a bit too wedding-ish and formal to me, so I added some ribbon loops. I think the loops give it more of a whimsical look, which is more to my taste. I love it!



Next up is the new magnolia and lavender wreath:


All of the supplies were from Dollar Tree. I used a willow wreath form, 10 magnolia bushes, two lavender bushes, one little purple and little off-white blooms bush,  greenery that I already had, and ribbon. My total cost was $15 plus the supplies I already had.

I started by removing all of the magnolia blooms from the stems, then — using hot glue — I attached each bloom to the willow wreath form. Please — be careful not to burn your fingers.


Then I added the other blooms and greenery to it.


I think it’s really beautiful as it is, but I’m more of a whimsical kind of gal, so I added a few bows to finish it off and I love it.


Next are the two container arrangements. The oval, tin “Flowers & Garden” container came from Dollar Tree, and the three-section wagon container was purchased at Home Goods for $10.

All I did on these was pop in the dry styrofoam from DT, stab in the lavender and greenery (all from DT), and add embellishments. Of course, bows on both. And for the oval container, I also added the DT pom-pom bunny.

My total cost on the “Flowers & Garden” arrangement was $7 plus a few supplies of greenery and moss that I already had.


My total cost on the three-section wagon was about $20 plus a few things that I already had.


I love the start to my Spring/Easter decor!!!



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