Mini Clay Pot and Grapevine Wreath

It’s been quite a while since I sat down to my blog and created something. I’ve spent the past nearly five-months in isolation and crafting, crafting, crafting — but, I’ve been posting to a variety of Facebook groups rather than my blog.

My bad!!

I wrote a story on Feb. 10th about how I had spent my entire adult life collecting magazine features and photos that I often go to for inspiration. And I had said that I was going to pick a new clipping every few days and begin creating new things using those clippings as inspiration.

Then came Calamity Jane, also known as COVID19, and things just changed. Right? It just feels as though we were pulled into the abyss. After all this time, I have finally realized that I need to pull myself out.

Since we’re definitely in the heat of summer and – literally – the Sahara Dust Storm of 2020, the magazine clipping I chose for inspiration is from Southern Living, August 1993.

It’s a beautiful mirror with moss and tiny clay pots all around it. But, here’s my take on this project…….


Wreath form (I used a grapevine, but you can also use a foam or wire wreath form that you have covered in moss.), 5 mini clay pots, small pieces of dry foam, faux succulents, moss, floral wire and cutters, hot glue, ribbon, and scissors.

The clay pots, foam, succulents, hot glue sticks, and some of the ribbon came from Dollar Tree.

Let’s go!!

Here in south Florida, our grapevine is considered to be a nuisance weed. So when I saw some trying to choke out a palm tree, I had no problem pulling it down and creating my own wreath form. (As time goes by, many of the leaves will dry and fall off, but it will take a few years for that to happen. But if you don’t want to worry about falling leaves, you can strip it before you use it.)

To attach the clay pots to the wreath (no matter which type of wreath form you use), insert a floral wire into the hole in the bottom of the pot, then lay the pot on the wreath and pull the two ends of the wire through to the back of the wreath. Twist, cut off the ends, and then bend the short wire ends into the wreath so as not to scratch the wall or door this will hang from.

In the second photo, you can see the two wire ends coming through the back of the wreath.

Take a small piece of dry foam and hot glue it into the inside of the clay pot. Then put a small amount of moss over that foam, and stick the succulent into the foam using hot glue.

(If you have moss hanging from trees, like I do, you can pull some down, put it in a zip lock bag with a little opening, and then put it in your microwave for about 10-seconds. It will be damp, but dries in a minute and eliminates any pests.)

Repeat this process until you have all five clay pots attached. If you are attaching a bow, leave some space at the top for your bow.


I had about 2-yards of the green and white striped ribbon and the polka-dot ribbon, and about a yard of the flowered ribbon. Made my bow, attached it with floral wire, and declared this inspired project “Done!”


I love this!! And now that I’ve made it, I’m sorry it took me so long to get it.

I hope this inspires you to get creative. Post your pics and tell me how it goes for you.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dj Gardner says:

    Love this!!!!!

    Dj Sent from my iPhone



    1. Thanks, DJ. I really do, too!! It took about an hour to make it (maybe a little less).


  2. Linda Evans says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL Sydney. You are SO talented. Love and miss you.


    1. Linda, thank you so much!! I really miss you, too. I think we’ll be trying another Facebook Room party in July.


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