Christmas Sock Ornaments

It’s a rainy Sunday here in hot and humid south Florida, so I thought I’d share a quick and very easy Christmas craft that I think you’re going to love.

We’ve all seen the Christmas Sock Snowmen, but how about a Christmas Sock Ornament or two, or more?



Christmas socks, 3-inch embroidery hoops, ribbon, and scissors

Embroidery hoops are two wooden hoops — one is the inside hoop and the outside hoop is the one with the screw used to tight the fabric around the inside hoop. Take the hoops apart.

Then, using only the inside hoop, insert it into the sock, placing it where you want the center of the ornament to be. 

Then put the outside hoop over the sock and tighten the screw really tight.

Cut the excess sock fabric off using sharp scissors and cutting right up against the embroidery hoop.

Essentially, your project is completed — that’s how easy this one is. I made 20 ornaments in about 30-minutes. And the nice thing is, depending upon the pattern or design in the sock fabric,  you can get as many as three ornaments out of each sock!







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