Yarn-Wrapped Christmas Trees

A few months ago — well, who really knows how long ago it was since we’ve lost all sense of time — but anyway, at some point in the past, I saw some cute Christmas trees somewhere during a Pinterest search and the idea suddenly popped back into my head about two weeks ago.

The ones I had seen were made using shades of green yarn with red ribbon bows. Although mine are the same concept, I’ve used scraps of yarn that I had left over from chunky blankets that I’ve made and some yarn left over from last year’s pumpkin project.



yarn, scissors, hot glue, cones, and optional wide candle holders. I had these three styrofoam cones in my stash, but they can be very pricey. So, if I make more of these trees, I will make cones using poster board and that will be much, much less expensive.

This is about the easiest and fastest craft I think I’ve ever shared on my blog — but it’s also very pretty when finished.

As you can see from the above photo, I used chunky blanket yarn for one tree, left-over loop yard for another, and variegated thin yarn for the third one. As I said — I love them!!

To begin, put a dab of hot glue at the top of a cone and stick the end of the yarn to that glue.

Then just begin wrapping the yarn around the cone, gluing the yarn to the cone every three or four rows.

Continue wrapping all the way down to the bottom of the cone.

And then also glue some yarn around the bottom of the cone.

Technically, the trees are completed, but I added wooden candle holders and when the Christmas decorations are finally available online, I’ll be ordering some miniature garland to wrap around them. I’m thinking some tiny gold stars or tiny wooden stars. We’ll see.

In the meantime — I love them!20200716_202021







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