Holiday Gnome

I’ll be the first one to admit that this next project can hardly be called crafting. But I have taken something and made it better (in my book), so that sorta’ constitutes crafting — or perhaps embellishing at the very least.

I purchased these items at a dollar type store while on vacation in Asheville, NC (Beeeeuuuuteeeefull!) It took me less than 15-minutes to make this.


the gnome is a hollow tree-topper, the boots are ornaments, and then I also used some ribbon, a piece of styrofoam, left-over chunky yarn, scissors, wire clippers, and hot glue

Since the gnome is hollow, I glued into the center a small piece of foam that I cut unto a circular shape. That way I was able to have something to attach the boots to.

The boots had wire greenery glued onto them — both on the same side. So, I pulled off the greenery on one boot and glued the boots together. Then I glued the boots to the bottom of the gnome.

The gnome came with a couple of felt leaves and a berry on the hat, as well as a small white pompom on top. Of course, that just wasn’t enough for me.

I pulled all of that off, glued a bow onto the hat — because I love big bows — and made a big pompom using left-over chunky yarn. Glued that on and called this project “Done.”

I love him and my total cost was less than $7.

By the way, here’s one of my favorite vacation pics….

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