Christmas Tree Center Piece

As usual, I have so many projects going at one time, which, in my opinion, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All of them are for Christmas, but some are specifically to take camping so I can decorate our campsite.

This project is going to serve a dual purpose, all of it will sit on my long dining room table, but half of this one will also go camping with us to adorn our picnic table.

So cute, right? And I promise you, this is also a simple project. It might take you a little time, but it’s easy and inexpensive.

Let’s start with supplies:

Each of the completed trees is one green and one white Dollar Tree 18-inch Christmas, so depending upon how many you want to make, you will need two trees for each completed tree. I purchased my wooden containers (I have two) from Michael’s at $7.99 each, but Dollar has some really cute containers, including one that looks like a small bucket that is red with a Santa belt around the center. The sytrofoam, snow flakes, mesh, extra wire branches (kinda’ like pipecleaners), and pipecleaners all came from Dollar Tree. I purchased the ribbon at Michaels for $5.99. You will also need white glue, hot glue, scissors, and wire clippers. I spent a total of about $32 (because I’m making four trees in two containers), but you can do this for far less if you buy everything at Dollar Tree — with one completed tree being about $8.

First thing to do is to get everything prepared for assembly.

Remove a green tree and a white tree from their boxes. You will not be using the three tree stands that are in each box. And remove the round part at the bottom of the tree by giving it a good pull.

Fluff the branches out from each tree, but keep all of them on one side of each tree. Then, using the green wire branches (these are sold in a pack just like pipecleaners), wire the two trees together as tightly as possible. Just twist the green wire branch like you would a twisty tie for your loaf of bread. I used three for each tree, one at the top, one in the middle, and one just above the bottom row of branches.

If you can’t find the wire branches, no problem at all — just used floral wire.

Once the two trees are wired together, fluff out all of the branches, moving them all around so there are equal amounts of green and white branches throughout both sides of the tree.

If you’re doing more than one tree (like I did four), then repeat this process for the rest of your trees.

Set aside.

Now you’ll begin preparing the mesh and ribbon.

Each roll of mesh will make 18 of the embellishments. I used one roll for two trees. Cut them 10-inches long. Then cut the ribbon 6-inches long. Cut the same number of ribbon pieces as you have mesh pieces.

Roll up the mesh, place a strip of ribbon on top, then using a pipecleaner, wire them together and cut off the excess pipecleaner, leaving enough to wrap around a tree branch.

My mesh was a leftover from Easter, but it’s white, which is the color I wanted to use, so it didn’t matter that the label said Easter.

Set them aside.

Now you will prepare the container.

For mine, I used one of the DT green foam blocks, and half of a white sytrofoam rectangle to put inside my wooden boxes. I used the white on top because I didn’t want to be able to see any of the green foam. But you can use whatever makes you happy.

I glued down the green foam piece, then glued the white piece on top of it. Then I spread out a generous amount of white glue and poured the snowflakes on top of it.

Hooray! Let’s assemble your Christmas Tree Centerpiece!!

Don’t worry about the white glue being dry (if you’ve included the above step in your process).

Decide where you’re going to place your tree on the foam, apply a generous amount of hot glue to the end of the tree, and stab it down into the foam. Let it dry for a moment or two.

Now begin attaching the mesh/ribbon embellishments by wiring each one to a branch of the tree, as far inside the tree you can get to.

Just a quick reminder, I used one roll of the mesh for two completed trees.

Then I added bows to the top. Because this is going to be seen from all sides, I put two bows on each tree, back to back.

There’s just no way you can’t agree that these are so cute! And so simple!

Here they are pictured on my kitchen table, which is too small for all four of them. But I love them! I hope you’ll make one and send me a pic.

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