No-Sew Dollar Tree Bath Mat Pillows

Yep, you read that right. I’m turning five Dollar Tree bath mats into two pillows for my family room. And there’s no sewing.

We’ve all seen the textured pillows that are trending today, right? They’re beautiful. In fact, just like today, we had textured pillows, macrame’ wall-hangings, textured sofas, and more back in the 1970s. So, I guess what they say is true — Everything old is new, again.

Here’s a 1976 pic of my sister and her husband sitting on my textured sofa with a hand-made-by-my-sister macrame wall hanging right behind them.

Love it!!

The textured pillows I’ve seen online range from $40 to $80, and I’m just not going to pay that for a pillow. But one day as I was walking down one of the aisles at my local Dollar Tree I noticed bath mats that were just the right size to make pillows. At first I hesitated, because I sew, and I was blinded by that one issue. I thought the mats would be too thick to push through my sewing machine. Then I had an epiphany — see if I can make it by just hot gluing it all together. And as the Gecko says, “Serendipity!”

Those of you who know me, know that I never turn down an opportunity for new pillows (which are stored on shelves in my garage, under my guest room bed, in every closet of my four-bedroom house, and of course on furniture throughout the house). I can’t help myself. (One of these days we’ll talk about my addiction to dinner plates, too. I get that one from my mom.)

After seeing the bath mats, I had a vision. So I bought five of the mats, came home, and began creating. I’m hoping you can follow this, because it really is quite simple and took less than an hour to make these.


For my “vision” I bought three of the plain mats for one pillow and one plain and one printed for the second pillow. You will also need a bag of fiber fill, which I bought on sale at Walmart for $3.99 and it was more than enough for the two pillows. And you’ll need lots and lots of hot glue. (Did I mention that this is a no-sew project?) So, my total cost was just $9 for two pillows.

Before you begin making the pillows, wash the mats in your washing machine. They have a funny odor to them. Washing and drying them will shrink them just slightly, it will rid them of the odor, and it will leave them nice and soft.

Let’s get started. These instructions are specific to this “striped” textured pillow seen below, which used three of the DT bath mats.

For this pillow, I cut one of the mats into strips. I had planned on using five strips, but as I laid it out on my table, I decided that three strips were enough. The back of one mat is actually the front of the pillow, with the strips, facing up, glued down to it.

The third mat is the back of the pillow. After all of the strips were hot glued into place, I glued the front and back together. Right sides facing, glue three edges together, leaving the fourth edge open in order to stuff in the poly-fill.

Please, please, please be careful not to burn your fingers. Take it from me — I no longer have any fingerprints.

Side story — In order for me to accept a position for a job I wanted, I needed to be fingerprinted. The Sheriff’s Office tried three times. I’m not kidding!!! My employer had to settle on an FBI background check rather than my fingerprints. That’s the toll of working with a hot glue gun for more than 30-years. ha ha

When all of the hot glue was dry, I turned the pillow inside out, flattened it to bring out all the corners, and then began stuffing it.

Once it was stuffed, I folded down the edges of the open side, and closed it by hot gluing the two together.

The second pillow was much easier because it just entailed gluing the two mats together, stuffing, gluing the fourth side down, and done.

Okay, ya’ll. I’m not gonna’ lie — I love these pillows.

I hope you run to Dollar Tree to save yourself some money and make these textured pillows, yourself.

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