Tiny Bunny Cloche

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you surely know that I enjoy decorating my home for each season, holiday, birthday, and whatever else comes up. Thanks to Dollar Tree, I’m able to do so at nearly every whim and at very little cost.

Last year I went all in for a lavender and white Easter, making all new decorations, chunky blankets, bought a new lavender tablecloth, and — well, you get the picture. I usually begin making Spring decor in January, so the Coronavirus pandemic hadn’t become “a thing” when I had begun making my family and friends dinner plans for Easter 2020.


Of course, by April 12th, it was more than “a thing.” We were all in complete quarantine-at-home mode and pretty much remained that way until recently when so many of us have now been inoculated against this horrible disease.

The problem is — I’m suddenly, and for the first time in my life, into blue. So, thanks to Dollar Tree, I’m making new decor for Spring/Easter 2021 and maybe I’ll use the lavender and white flowers next year. We’ll see.

Inspired by a White Sparrow Living video I had seen on Youtube, I made this very small cloche that houses a tiny bunny. In the video I watched, the creator made a very large cloche using one whole basket (seen below) and flowers. These “littles” will sit on each place-setting for our annual Passover/Easter dinner with family and friends. It’s just so stinking cute that I can’t wait to see the table set with all 14 of them in place.


I really scored at Dollar Tree this week, as I’ve seen a lot of social media chatter about how folks are having a hard time finding these little bunnies and the mesh waste baskets. The bunny is actually a paint kit. I used about half of the mesh from one waste basket for one cloche. The little plate is the base of the cloche. I used moss and ribbon that I already had. (Disregard the moss bunnies. They are for another project.)

Let’s get goin’.

Remove the bunny from the packaging and, using pliers, remove the little metal hanger at the top of the bunny’s head. It just pulls right out. I painted mine with off-white chalk paint, but you don’t have to paint it all if you choose not to. I might paint a few of them light grey, also. Set the bunny aside.

The mesh basket is so easy to cut, you’re going to faint. Just take a pair of old scissors and cut the mesh from the top ring and the bottom of the basket. I’m saving a few of these rings, because I’m sure I’ll find a project for them later. After you’ve cut away the mesh, cut it in half.

Now you can begin sculpting your mesh into the cloche shape you prefer. I turned a glass upside down and used that as my shape to begin sculpting mine. Then I slipped it off the glass and just sculpted it in my hands until I had the shape I wanted. I’m going to be completely honest — it isn’t easy. It takes time and patience. You might want to wear gloves, because you might cut your hands. It took me about 30-minutes to “squish” it into shape. When you’re comfortable with its shape, you will take your scissors and cut off the uneven bottom. Lay it in your chosen base to make sure it fits. I tied on a bead with a piece of ribbon to the top and took a dry brush of grey paint to the “bunny cage” to give it a bit of a vintage look.

Put some moss down into the base, add some flowers and, of course, your bunny. (I added a bow to mine and outlined the bunny’s eyes with a pencil.) You could paint the inside of her ears with pink, or even paint the nose. It’s your project, so go for it!

Viola! Your Little Bunny Cloche is complete.

Ya’ll, you have to admit these are so cute.

I’m sure my family and friends are going to love these as much as I do. They will be adorable on our 2021 “Friends-Over” dinner table.

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